Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How to start?

Thinking about starting a project like a web blog is an easy thing to do, you don't need to be very creative, you just have to have something to say (although that can be a huge step as well). But actually starting it is a different kettle of fish – you have to find the time, the design, the words, the… well, it seems like a pretty big chunk of work to do. Which makes me the all more proud to say that we actually did it, busy as we are with life and all the things that travel along. But how to start? How about with ourselves?!

Top: Cheap Monday, Skirt: h&m, Scarf: local market

 Necklace: Vintage, Shoes: Strauss

My style can be described as a mixture of cheap and chic. I often try to combine basics with a fancy centrepiece I find in little boutiques or second-hand shops, so you could say I try to live to a reasonable standard, given the fact that I'm young and always in need of money.
I'm addicted to long necklaces or whatever length they may be, so you will often find me wearing one or two or three...
Mostly I find my inspiration by reading fashion magazines (which can be pretty depressing when seeing the actual prizes of these things!) and then I try to adapt this style to my wardrope, playing with colours and contrasts. Plus, I'm a huge fan of fashion slash DIY blogs as well, also a major inspiration for me and for this project.
One thing that's left to say is that I love to make things by myself, be it accessories or tops. The only thing is that I have no sewing machine, which is a downer but nothing that will keep me from experimenting with fabrics, pearls and pins. It just takes longer but doing things by myself satisfies me all the more.

Coat: Zara (thrifted), Pullover: local markets + safety pins: DIY, shirt: Only (thrifted), Shorts: selfmade, Overknees: local markets

  Ring: Primark, Earring: h&m, Shoes: Zign via Zalando, (nearly invisible) Necklace: local Designer   

I'm a huge miser. Not joking. My wardrobe is filled to the top and therefore I always try to stay under 10 Euros everytime I go shopping. Bad thing about it: I'm can be easily found on any flea market or in thrift stores, where I find enough bargains to destroy all my efforts towards a relieved cupboard. 
So in my outfit posts you will find just some things that are available in the stores, most of them are from earlier collections and the former owners already decided to get rid of the stuff. Despite the fact that I take trends as an inspiration (and I am addicted to fashion magazines), I am not really fixed on them.
In addition to all that I love sewing, I am probably not the best in it because I learned most of it by myself or by annoying my mother, but still, sitting there and creating my pieces I always wanted is a great satisfaction for me.
Still: I hope you take my outfits as an inspiration and find a way to adapt the ideas to your style. 

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