Friday, 10 February 2012

DIY Bobby Pin Statement Necklace

Statement pieces are essential in a fashion-addicted person's wardrobe, especially jewelry is able to add just the little something to an otherwise boring or ordinary outfit. My first and biggest love are probably rings, but since I have quite a lot already, there is no need to add another to my collection. It's different with necklaces, and since I saw something similar quite a while ago, I decided to make my own statement necklace by using mainly bobby pins. Sad thing is, that I couldn't remember the site where I got my inspiration from, I will add it in the case I find it.
And now, have fun.

What we need:
 Package of bobby pins in color of choice
 3 bobby pins in a contrast color
 chain (length depends)
 crimp loop + clasp

1. Here you can see crimp loops and the clasp in detail, they are pretty self explaining
2. Connect crimp loops to the chain by using the tongs
3. Attach the clasp to it ( In case you do not want to ruin your nails: Use a finer pair of tongs)
4. Start to thread the chain through the loops of the bobby pins. This goes easiest, when they are still in order due to the packaging

5. Pull bobby pins loose from the packaging, so you have (in my case) six bobby pins on your chain
6. Now you add the pin in your contrast color. Repeat Step 4- 6 several times...
7. Adjust the length of your chain by holding it to your neck and cut it with the tongs. Connect the second crimp loop with the chain.

 8. Et voila: You can rock the streets.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and you may gained some inspiration 

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