Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valentine's Day Part 1

There are people who hate Valentine's Day. And seriously, I can understand most of their reasons. Of course, flower shops and chocolate factory earn heaps of money these days and all romantic stuff in a relationship should not be reduced to one day.
I do not even celebrate (Do you actually say so??) Valentine's Day, but that's simply because my boyfriend and me will have our two-year-anniversary just a week earlier, so it would not make any sense.
Still, I'm planning on a series of blogposts featuring Valentine's Day ideas. And I hope that all Valentine's Day haters will at least get some inspiration out of it (even all the singles).

So firstly I proudly present a present for a male (females can get this, too...) tea lover:

I present my tea bag DIY 

The German brand Donkey Product  sells pretty amazing tea bags. I love them. Still, you can easily copy them. Someone could call that mean, because, yes, we should support young designers. But I seriously hate black tea and most of the tea bags at Donkey Product are filled with that yucky stuff and it would be much nicer and creative to give a personalized set of tea bags to the person you love.

What we need:
white carton
tea bag
ball pen (ink not water based)
colored pencils

( photo, postcard, etc)

How to: 

1. Rip off the ribbon+tag of the tea bag
2. Draw the rough outline of half human being from the waist up on a folded carton so it would be mirrored on the fold after you cut it.
3. Cut it out.

4. Adjust your "human" shape
5. Lay the finished mask on the actual white carton.
6. Trace it with pencil

7. Start drawing a figure/character/someone you know with lead pencil
8. Of course you can leave the outlines and give your character the right shape
9. Trace it with a ball pen. WATCH OUT! Fountain pen or water-based ink are to be avoided, Disaster Alert!

10. Use your eraser for the leftover lead pencil
11. Start coloring in.
12. Ready!

13. Cut it out. Leave enough space around the neck and the arms, otherwise they could be to weak to hold the head/tea bag
12. My character with white area...
13. Use your stapler to attach your character to the tea bag.

 Enjoy your tea!

Poor Yamato man!

So, I hope you got some inspiration and have an amazing 14th Feburary... no matter, if you are single or taken...

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