Friday, 30 March 2012

DIY Dolce&Gabbana inspired skirt for 3 Euro

They are everywhere. Garments made out of silk scarf inspired fabric. Since Dolce&Gabbana launched their collection filled with creations made out of these classy scarves you can find them everywhere. As it is, right now Cologne is filled with the images of the new h&m campaign filled with D&G inspired pieces and I also saw a pair of shorts in Zara.
So I guess it is time for a little DIY...^^

With and without belt^^

I went into several charity shops for my perfect scarf and found one for only 1€, so I pretty much stayed under three Euro. For getting simple cotton fabric in basic colors I suggest IKEA since they have quite good prices.
But enough of it:
Let's start!

What we need:
a light square scarf

(size should be at least 45 x 45 cm, depending on your body shape)
a piece cotton fabric ( your half hip measurement + 5 cm x the desired length)
rubber band (length depending on the place the skirt is supposed to sit - 5 cm)

1. Since my scarf did not have the ideal measurements and I wanted to keep the red framing and the knights with their heads, I folded the scarf and therefore created fixed crease.
2. The result
3./4. The cotton fabric tended to to fray, so a nice seam was important. To do so I ironed the tunnel and the bottom into place and sewed the bottom already.

5. I laid the back-part (out of the cotton) on the scarf and sewed the two side seams. After cutting off the leftover fabric I trimmed both fabrics.
6. Then I sewed the tunnel by using the already created on the back-part and by making a similar on the front.
Keep the tunnel at one point open.
7. Tunnel at the front ( I know it looks messy, but after adding the rubber band it does not matter.
8. Then I pulled the rubber band through the tunnel by using the open gap.

9. To make the process if pulling the rubber band through the tunnel I used a safety pin so I had something to get hold off.
10. Finally I sewed the two ends of the band together and closed the band.

Sooo, that's it. I guess skirts on a rectangle shape basis are pretty easy but I also believe they do not look too bad especially when you use a belt.
Use the inspiration and rock the streets

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My inspiration book

I love magazines. Seriously, I'm addicted to them. Even though I mainly buy them for the fashion pictures in them, I buy quite a few during a month. And therefore, everytime I look at my nightstand I can see quite a amount of read ones. But since most of them are just not "good" enough to look at the articles twice, keeping them would just be a waste of space. On the other hand I want to keep rememberance of the great fashion items in them. In order to do so I started my "inspiration book".

I guess you get the idea... I collect all the nice pieces in here, cut out and glued into a collage in my notebook. When I look through my notebook after a time I always see quite a lot of ideas for DIYs or a sewing project, so I believe: mission accomplished.

A tipp at the end: Already when you read the magazine you should start doing dog - ears so you can find all the good pages easily the time you make your collage.

All in all I wish you all the best for the remaining sunny Sunday

Friday, 23 March 2012

Inspiration for three easy jewelery DIYs

As already mentioned, I love making my own jewelery. I believe it is a cheap and fast way to add something to your collection.
Before we started the blog I already made three really easy things, which I think you can easily recreate without a tutorial by just seeing them and reading the few instructions.

So in case you need a nice little present or just want to treat yourself: Here are three ideas.

The mustache
Often seen, easily copied. Just find a template of your dream mustache (draw it or browse the web), trace it on leather, cut it out. For the two holes i used a drill since my leather was quite thick, but in most of the cases simple punch forceps should be enough. Lastly you need a chain and then you are ready to show it everyone.

The teapot
This project is probably the easiest thing ever. When I went to a bead show I saw this little doll teapot and thought it was adorable. They also had blank rings with a platform for your own stuff, so when I got home I just got some extra strong glue and connected the two.

The chain
For the last idea I have to introduce someone to you: knitting Jenny. My mum used to work with her when she was in primary school and she gave Jenny to me. Many years I  ignored here, but when I saw this idea somewhere I had to do it. For this you need time, because you have to do many chain links. For every ink I had to knit about 10 cm with knitting Jenny and then I closed every link by stitching the wool ends together. Many, but easy work.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Newspaper Nail Polish

Visiting one of my favourite web sides design fetish that unbelievably has nothing to do with fashion but, well, design and art, I discovered a simple and yet very creative DIY which I will share with you today.

The newspaper nail polish

You need:

nail polish in a light colour (I used white)

top coat

strips of newspaper that will cover your whole nail

alcohol (I recommend vodka or any other clear alcohol)

  1. Paint your nails and let them dry (you may want to repeat that to increase the opacity)
  2. Dip your nail into the alcohol.
  3. Press a strip of newspaper onto the nail.
  4. Pull the piece of paper slowly from your nail.
  5. Cover the nail with top coat.

That's it!


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vanessa // 25 // Paris // Her little sister

Sweater: Weekday, Jeans, Shirt and Scarf: Cos, Coat: RVLT, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Teckelklub 1888 e.V.

Since a few of the readers I know personally asked me, what the titles of the street style post do mean, here again a little explanation: We wanted to leave the outfits mainly uncommented, but since we believe at least some information could give a deeper insight, we thought about four questions: The name and the age are quite obvious two of them, furthermore we want to know the persons dream residence, because every city or country is connected with a certain style (Parisian chic...?) and lastly we thought knowing the person's inspiration is quite interesting.

Friday, 16 March 2012

DIY: Origami Skirt

It's finally spring. We hit the 19 °C mark in Cologne today, birds are everywhere and I can finally wear my summer skirts out... and to do so I finished this DIY project.

I just want to get started, but I have to apologize about the way this tutorial turned out, because I pretty much failed creating the skirt and therefore could not use my pictures.

But I found a solution^^ hopefully

What we need:
piece of thin fabric ( 120 x 75 cm) (depends on your waist)

piece of fabric in contrast color (cotton... 124 x 15 cm)
bias binding, 4 m
2 snap fastener

sewing chalk, a pin, a piece string

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
1. Cut out a half circle.
Tipp: attach the string to the upper middle of your fabric. Use it as a kind of compass.

2. Add about 10 cm length to your skirt, just draw like you feel.
3. Cut it out!

4. Seam your half circle by using a zig-zag stitch or if possible use a overlock sewing machine.
Optional: 5. Since my seam looked like sh**, I used  bias binding to seam it neatly.

6. Take your other piece of fabric and fold it how I tried to draw it.
7. Iron it to keep the folds secure.

8. Here comes the tricky part. I hope you understand my drawing because explaining it is quite hard...

9. Tricky part II
10. Sew the fasteners to the points it fits you best, obviously not on the outside...

That's it... This tutorial was just the most chaotic thing I ever made. There was this massive mistake at the beginning and in the end I do not even like the outcome that much, because the fabric I used was silly and did not stay in shape after sewing it.
In the end I hope you understood at least something and can use that as an inspiration.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Visit Cologne II: Mueslibar

It seems to me like I have been spending more time in this place like in school and it has not become boring to me ever since: When you visit Cologne this has to be the first place to go when in need of a coffee, a snack, lunch and above all breakfast. The “Mueslibar” – a praise.

“Muesli”, a mixture of all kinds of things from oat flakes to choco pops to dried apple loops, the name seems to speak for itself not only in terms of the café’s specialty but also in terms of presentation. It seems to me as if the place changes the little pictures, scribbles and paintings every week for it never looks the same to me. The key lies in detail and variety: Tables and chairs are a mixture of unique flea market pieces (I even discovered a school chair covered with stickers which reminded me of my elementary school times – good times indeed), the sugar is kept in Matryoshkas, the walls are highlighted with all kinds of pictures, paintings and little works of art. For me every visit feels like a passage back into childhood, bright colours, old teenage magazines from the 80s (not that I’m born in that decade) and even my little friend the Gameboy finds its way into this goody bag full of surprises.

The centre point of the café’s concept is certainly the possibility to mix your own cereal from a variety of ingredients. You simply grab yourself one of the bowls and let out your creativity in front of the containers filled with dried fruit, different kinds of already mixed cereal, nuts, chocolate pops etcetera etcetera.
Aside from this unusual yet authentic concept the “Mueslibar” offers a wide range of self-baked tarts and cakes, cookies, sandwiches and other goodies to be proud of. For lunch they prepare hotpots and soups and little dishes which unfortunately I did not have the chance to try yet. Even more I enjoy the good coffee and the hot chocolate served in cute cups which do not seem to fit together, and I also heard that they have quite a choice of teas and Chais.

What more is there to say? This place is a real inspiration for me and I enjoy coming here as many times as I can. You feel how much work they have put into the decorations and the idea which constitutes for me a counter movement to ubiquitous, impersonal and over-priced Starbucks shops. It is good to know that there are people how enjoy a cosy and whimsical atmosphere in a big city as Cologne, a bright little refuge in every day life.


Brüsseler Str. 29
50674 Cologne

Friday, 9 March 2012

Visit Cologne: Reise Café

The "Reisecafé" in Cologne is not just a nice place to drink a coffee, but this place has a concept which seems to become popular lately. Germans (and Rammsteinfans) probably already get an idea now because they know what "Reise" means: Standing for "Holiday trip" the first half of the name resembles the fact that the owners decided to combine a travel agency with their café. Even though I have never seen anyone booking their next trip here, still they transferred their idea of traveling as well to the gastronomic part.

The first picture gives you a short overview of the travel catalogs they offer. 
Visitors of the "Reisecafé" have the possibility to enjoy a quite different range of foods and drinks in the modern, yet cosy atmosphere. Even though the ceiling is dominated by concrete the red lamps and the red benches create (no wrong connotations please) a successful contrast between being hip and still a place where people want to stay for a longer period of time.

The offered snacks and beverages are still my personal highlight at this place and one of the main reasons why even my picky boyfriend supports revisiting the café. Since reaching different places in the world is the café's motto you will find a huge range of international specialties. My personal favorites are the bagels (American) topped with different country themed toppings (I love the Italian Bagel: Mozzarella, Tomatoes, rucola, pesto, etc...). Another big bonus are the different drinks they have. Especially the coffee based ones are worth a try: Here you find quite strange things like Cortado ( Espresso, sweetened condensed milk, milk froth) or, more conventional, American Mocha ( Cappuccino combined with hot chocolate). But the best thing about this place is: Unlike coffee shops as Starbucks the "Reisecafé" is also affordable for students like me, since the specialties are price-wise comparable to the "normal" choices on the menu.

Not the best picture, but maybe you can identify some prices / things

So, just in case you are in Cologne or you are living in this awesome city ( yay!), come and visit this little cafè ( most of you will visit the district anyhow, since at the Zülpicher Straße most of the good pubs are to be spotted).

Zülpicher Straße 2a
50674 Cologne

0221/ 923990

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DIY Hair Ribbon

Inspired by a tutorial I saw on one of my favourite Blogs (Mr. Kate – worth a visit!) I decided to make my own version which could be called a little bit more complicated for it takes more time and intuition, but I am a person who does not really trust the glue:

DIY Hair Ribbon

You need:

needle and thread

hair tie

satin ribbon in a colour of choice

grandma’s collection of old buttons

beads and pearls

  1. Sew the ribbon to your hair tie by making a loop around the scrunchy and stitching it
  2. Start sewing on your buttons, beads pearl and whatever more you like. Make it colourful!
  3. When reaching the desired length, sew the other end of your ribbon to the hair tie. Done!

Unfortunately, as exam stress prevails at the moment, I did not accomplish to finish my version but will guarantee a glimpse of it very soon!

Friday, 2 March 2012

OUTFIT + DIY Plastic bag

Shirt: Flea Market, Scarf: Was a present, I have no idea...; Pants: Local Markets, Shoes: Limelight (Roland), Ring: My Grandmothers, was apparently a silver coin from post-war times...

My beloved DIY plastic bag

When I returned from Venice in early January and saw this post on one of my favorite DIY inspirations I was devastated since I planed doing a plastic bag out of (fake) leather for ages. But at least it got me far enough to actually start this project finally (after I saw the prices of the posted bags...): I used the current sale in my beloved fabric store and bought a piece of fake leather. And after my baby aka my sewing machine returned from being repaired I decided to sew me a new handbag...

What we need:
30 cm x 1 m of leather/ fake leather
tracing paper
sewing stuff (pins chalk!)

specific leather needles for your sewing machine, otherwise you are likely to ruin it.
Still, my sewing machine hated it either way... but it can be a bitch, so phew!

1. Fold 10 centimeters of your leather piece at the short side, inner side on inner side.
2. Because you can see marks, when you use pins, try to avoid them by using them just on seam allowances.
3. When you are quite experienced with sewing machines, you will have noticed, that it tends to destroy delicate fabrics, so cover every possible seam with tracing paper. Stick tape on it.
4. Now you sew as close as possible to the two folds. After that you can rip off the paper easily

5. Make yourself a template for the cut out handle, you can use a original plastic bag as an orientation.
6. Trace the outlines on your bag.
7. Cut them out
8. Stabilize them by sewing close to the edge.
9. Repeat step 6-8 on the other side on the exact same spot...
10. Sew the sides of your bag together, I guess that is pretty self explaining.

Have fun with your new, pretty cheap handbag... I paid about 3 Euro and still have some leather left: You will soon meet another new handbag friend^^