Friday, 30 March 2012

DIY Dolce&Gabbana inspired skirt for 3 Euro

They are everywhere. Garments made out of silk scarf inspired fabric. Since Dolce&Gabbana launched their collection filled with creations made out of these classy scarves you can find them everywhere. As it is, right now Cologne is filled with the images of the new h&m campaign filled with D&G inspired pieces and I also saw a pair of shorts in Zara.
So I guess it is time for a little DIY...^^

With and without belt^^

I went into several charity shops for my perfect scarf and found one for only 1€, so I pretty much stayed under three Euro. For getting simple cotton fabric in basic colors I suggest IKEA since they have quite good prices.
But enough of it:
Let's start!

What we need:
a light square scarf

(size should be at least 45 x 45 cm, depending on your body shape)
a piece cotton fabric ( your half hip measurement + 5 cm x the desired length)
rubber band (length depending on the place the skirt is supposed to sit - 5 cm)

1. Since my scarf did not have the ideal measurements and I wanted to keep the red framing and the knights with their heads, I folded the scarf and therefore created fixed crease.
2. The result
3./4. The cotton fabric tended to to fray, so a nice seam was important. To do so I ironed the tunnel and the bottom into place and sewed the bottom already.

5. I laid the back-part (out of the cotton) on the scarf and sewed the two side seams. After cutting off the leftover fabric I trimmed both fabrics.
6. Then I sewed the tunnel by using the already created on the back-part and by making a similar on the front.
Keep the tunnel at one point open.
7. Tunnel at the front ( I know it looks messy, but after adding the rubber band it does not matter.
8. Then I pulled the rubber band through the tunnel by using the open gap.

9. To make the process if pulling the rubber band through the tunnel I used a safety pin so I had something to get hold off.
10. Finally I sewed the two ends of the band together and closed the band.

Sooo, that's it. I guess skirts on a rectangle shape basis are pretty easy but I also believe they do not look too bad especially when you use a belt.
Use the inspiration and rock the streets


  1. i like =)
    aber ist der rock dann vorne nicht durchsichtig...? :S

  2. kommt auf das tuch an... meins ging, zur not macht man aus dem schwarzen stoff eine art schlauch und näht dann das tuch darauf fest.^^