Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DIY Hair Ribbon

Inspired by a tutorial I saw on one of my favourite Blogs (Mr. Kate – worth a visit!) I decided to make my own version which could be called a little bit more complicated for it takes more time and intuition, but I am a person who does not really trust the glue:

DIY Hair Ribbon

You need:

needle and thread

hair tie

satin ribbon in a colour of choice

grandma’s collection of old buttons

beads and pearls

  1. Sew the ribbon to your hair tie by making a loop around the scrunchy and stitching it
  2. Start sewing on your buttons, beads pearl and whatever more you like. Make it colourful!
  3. When reaching the desired length, sew the other end of your ribbon to the hair tie. Done!

Unfortunately, as exam stress prevails at the moment, I did not accomplish to finish my version but will guarantee a glimpse of it very soon!

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