Friday, 16 March 2012

DIY: Origami Skirt

It's finally spring. We hit the 19 °C mark in Cologne today, birds are everywhere and I can finally wear my summer skirts out... and to do so I finished this DIY project.

I just want to get started, but I have to apologize about the way this tutorial turned out, because I pretty much failed creating the skirt and therefore could not use my pictures.

But I found a solution^^ hopefully

What we need:
piece of thin fabric ( 120 x 75 cm) (depends on your waist)

piece of fabric in contrast color (cotton... 124 x 15 cm)
bias binding, 4 m
2 snap fastener

sewing chalk, a pin, a piece string

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
1. Cut out a half circle.
Tipp: attach the string to the upper middle of your fabric. Use it as a kind of compass.

2. Add about 10 cm length to your skirt, just draw like you feel.
3. Cut it out!

4. Seam your half circle by using a zig-zag stitch or if possible use a overlock sewing machine.
Optional: 5. Since my seam looked like sh**, I used  bias binding to seam it neatly.

6. Take your other piece of fabric and fold it how I tried to draw it.
7. Iron it to keep the folds secure.

8. Here comes the tricky part. I hope you understand my drawing because explaining it is quite hard...

9. Tricky part II
10. Sew the fasteners to the points it fits you best, obviously not on the outside...

That's it... This tutorial was just the most chaotic thing I ever made. There was this massive mistake at the beginning and in the end I do not even like the outcome that much, because the fabric I used was silly and did not stay in shape after sewing it.
In the end I hope you understood at least something and can use that as an inspiration.

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