Friday, 23 March 2012

Inspiration for three easy jewelery DIYs

As already mentioned, I love making my own jewelery. I believe it is a cheap and fast way to add something to your collection.
Before we started the blog I already made three really easy things, which I think you can easily recreate without a tutorial by just seeing them and reading the few instructions.

So in case you need a nice little present or just want to treat yourself: Here are three ideas.

The mustache
Often seen, easily copied. Just find a template of your dream mustache (draw it or browse the web), trace it on leather, cut it out. For the two holes i used a drill since my leather was quite thick, but in most of the cases simple punch forceps should be enough. Lastly you need a chain and then you are ready to show it everyone.

The teapot
This project is probably the easiest thing ever. When I went to a bead show I saw this little doll teapot and thought it was adorable. They also had blank rings with a platform for your own stuff, so when I got home I just got some extra strong glue and connected the two.

The chain
For the last idea I have to introduce someone to you: knitting Jenny. My mum used to work with her when she was in primary school and she gave Jenny to me. Many years I  ignored here, but when I saw this idea somewhere I had to do it. For this you need time, because you have to do many chain links. For every ink I had to knit about 10 cm with knitting Jenny and then I closed every link by stitching the wool ends together. Many, but easy work.

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