Sunday, 25 March 2012

My inspiration book

I love magazines. Seriously, I'm addicted to them. Even though I mainly buy them for the fashion pictures in them, I buy quite a few during a month. And therefore, everytime I look at my nightstand I can see quite a amount of read ones. But since most of them are just not "good" enough to look at the articles twice, keeping them would just be a waste of space. On the other hand I want to keep rememberance of the great fashion items in them. In order to do so I started my "inspiration book".

I guess you get the idea... I collect all the nice pieces in here, cut out and glued into a collage in my notebook. When I look through my notebook after a time I always see quite a lot of ideas for DIYs or a sewing project, so I believe: mission accomplished.

A tipp at the end: Already when you read the magazine you should start doing dog - ears so you can find all the good pages easily the time you make your collage.

All in all I wish you all the best for the remaining sunny Sunday

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  1. Das gibt es nicht, so mache ich das auch :) ich flippe aus an Zeitschriftenständen, vor allem im Ausland und schleppen mich dann mit den Teilen tot, bevor ich sie zerschnipsele und wie du in's Inspirationsbuch klebe....ich sag nix ist mir klar, warum wir uns so prächtig unterhalten haben.