Friday, 2 March 2012

OUTFIT + DIY Plastic bag

Shirt: Flea Market, Scarf: Was a present, I have no idea...; Pants: Local Markets, Shoes: Limelight (Roland), Ring: My Grandmothers, was apparently a silver coin from post-war times...

My beloved DIY plastic bag

When I returned from Venice in early January and saw this post on one of my favorite DIY inspirations I was devastated since I planed doing a plastic bag out of (fake) leather for ages. But at least it got me far enough to actually start this project finally (after I saw the prices of the posted bags...): I used the current sale in my beloved fabric store and bought a piece of fake leather. And after my baby aka my sewing machine returned from being repaired I decided to sew me a new handbag...

What we need:
30 cm x 1 m of leather/ fake leather
tracing paper
sewing stuff (pins chalk!)

specific leather needles for your sewing machine, otherwise you are likely to ruin it.
Still, my sewing machine hated it either way... but it can be a bitch, so phew!

1. Fold 10 centimeters of your leather piece at the short side, inner side on inner side.
2. Because you can see marks, when you use pins, try to avoid them by using them just on seam allowances.
3. When you are quite experienced with sewing machines, you will have noticed, that it tends to destroy delicate fabrics, so cover every possible seam with tracing paper. Stick tape on it.
4. Now you sew as close as possible to the two folds. After that you can rip off the paper easily

5. Make yourself a template for the cut out handle, you can use a original plastic bag as an orientation.
6. Trace the outlines on your bag.
7. Cut them out
8. Stabilize them by sewing close to the edge.
9. Repeat step 6-8 on the other side on the exact same spot...
10. Sew the sides of your bag together, I guess that is pretty self explaining.

Have fun with your new, pretty cheap handbag... I paid about 3 Euro and still have some leather left: You will soon meet another new handbag friend^^

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