Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vanessa // 25 // Paris // Her little sister

Sweater: Weekday, Jeans, Shirt and Scarf: Cos, Coat: RVLT, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Teckelklub 1888 e.V.

Since a few of the readers I know personally asked me, what the titles of the street style post do mean, here again a little explanation: We wanted to leave the outfits mainly uncommented, but since we believe at least some information could give a deeper insight, we thought about four questions: The name and the age are quite obvious two of them, furthermore we want to know the persons dream residence, because every city or country is connected with a certain style (Parisian chic...?) and lastly we thought knowing the person's inspiration is quite interesting.


  1. Ich würde gern anmerken,dass es heisst: "Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V." ! ;)

  2. Verzeihung, wird umgehend korrigiert^^