Friday, 9 March 2012

Visit Cologne: Reise Café

The "Reisecafé" in Cologne is not just a nice place to drink a coffee, but this place has a concept which seems to become popular lately. Germans (and Rammsteinfans) probably already get an idea now because they know what "Reise" means: Standing for "Holiday trip" the first half of the name resembles the fact that the owners decided to combine a travel agency with their café. Even though I have never seen anyone booking their next trip here, still they transferred their idea of traveling as well to the gastronomic part.

The first picture gives you a short overview of the travel catalogs they offer. 
Visitors of the "Reisecafé" have the possibility to enjoy a quite different range of foods and drinks in the modern, yet cosy atmosphere. Even though the ceiling is dominated by concrete the red lamps and the red benches create (no wrong connotations please) a successful contrast between being hip and still a place where people want to stay for a longer period of time.

The offered snacks and beverages are still my personal highlight at this place and one of the main reasons why even my picky boyfriend supports revisiting the café. Since reaching different places in the world is the café's motto you will find a huge range of international specialties. My personal favorites are the bagels (American) topped with different country themed toppings (I love the Italian Bagel: Mozzarella, Tomatoes, rucola, pesto, etc...). Another big bonus are the different drinks they have. Especially the coffee based ones are worth a try: Here you find quite strange things like Cortado ( Espresso, sweetened condensed milk, milk froth) or, more conventional, American Mocha ( Cappuccino combined with hot chocolate). But the best thing about this place is: Unlike coffee shops as Starbucks the "Reisecafé" is also affordable for students like me, since the specialties are price-wise comparable to the "normal" choices on the menu.

Not the best picture, but maybe you can identify some prices / things

So, just in case you are in Cologne or you are living in this awesome city ( yay!), come and visit this little cafè ( most of you will visit the district anyhow, since at the Zülpicher Straße most of the good pubs are to be spotted).

Zülpicher Straße 2a
50674 Cologne

0221/ 923990

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