Friday, 27 April 2012

A cute sewing Accessoire + Mother's day idea

Mother's day is coming up, at least in Germany, bringing up the little question: What to give as a little present? Christmas seems like yesterday and you were still happy that you found something for that occasion.
At least it is not Christmas and in my family giving a huge present at Mother's day was never a thing.
Therefore today I have a little idea for you, when you just want to make something cute, easy, but for fitting for Mums, who like to sew.

Et voila:
A cupcake pin cushion

What we need:
fabric/ felt in two colors (dough + icing)

cotton wool or other stuffing material
single (small!!!) metal muffin tray
yarn (at least one fitting the "icing" color)

1. Cut out a circle out of your "dough" material. It should be about 2 cm bigger than your muffin tray.
2. Stitch around the circle.
3. Pull the two at the two ends of the yarn so the "pouch" closes around the cotton wool.

4. Trace and cut your "icing"
3. Sew it to your dough. I know it is quite tempting but DO NOT glue it, since it gets hard and pushing the pins through that will be not that easy.
5. Stick your ready cupcake into your single muffin tray.

Aaaaand, after adding your "sprinkles" alias your pins.. you... are... ready!

So enjoy your weekend an especially the upcoming Mother's day on May, 13th with the best woman in your life.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The super secret chocolate cookie recipe

This one has been spreading around classrooms, halls and schoolyards for a few years now, filling the children's heads with dreams of sunny afternoons with chocolate smeared mouths and their eyes with anticipation. And I say to you that I was one of those kids and have been ever since for this recipe has made my life just a little bit better at the right time. This is nothing for the low-fat longing calory hunters among us, but even them can treat themselves to something, and why not to this little piece of chocolate-heaven? I decided to write this down and to finally publish it, but not without the consent of my source and author (who wants to stay unknown in fear of the cookie Mafia). Which makes me all the more proud to present it to you:

The super secret chocolate cookie recipe

We need:

200g white chocolate
2 eggs
3 cups of flour
1 cup of liquid butter
1 cup of unsweeten cocoa
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of white sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of backing powder

1. Put the butter into a cup of approximately this size and melt it in 
    the microwave (use a plate as lid)

2. Mix the brown and white sugar with the liquid butter in one
     bowl, add the eggs:

3. In a different bowl, mix cocoa, salt, backing powder and flour. Stir it with a spoon. Cut the
    chocolate into little chunks.

4. Put everything together (except the chocolate) and stir it. Then add the chocolate. On a baking tray
    prepared with baking paper make little piles of about 3cm diameter.

5. In a preheated oven bake the cookies at 180°C hot air for 9 minutes. Don't worry if they're not hard
   yet, they will be after cooling down (with a smooth core!). Voilà:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do everytime I make them.

Friday, 20 April 2012

VISIT Neuss: Weiberkram market + Additions to my wardrobe

Soooo this week my post is not that exciting. Since I was suicidal as I am and decided on writing my finals in Advanced history, I spent my week summarizing the last 200 years, unfortunately my creativity and I had a crisis during this time. The result, I did not even get close to do anything.

On April, 1st I went to my Grandpa's birthday, not the most thrilling event, but we combined the trip with a stop at a flea market in Neuss, NRW, called "Weiberkram" meaning something like broad's stuff.
It took part in a former train station and therefore the location was quite cool, it had this combination of old trashy stuff and a nice, light hall. On top of that, they sold mainly clothes, a paradise for a passionate thrifter as I am.
Sadly there was a pretty long queue to get in, I believe we waited around 45 minutes before we got in, so I have the advice to arrive quite early, apparently those who left their beds in the middle of the night did not have to wait that long. In addition of that some girls want quite an amount of money, even when their pieces was bought at H&M, but when you look carefully you will find something nice...

My two babies: A vintage viscose/polyester shirt, not my size but easily worn as dress or tucked in trousers: 1 Euro, and my best pick ever, a dark red leather (real!) coat from the 60s, really nicely fitting aaaaand: 9 Euro. I died.

ipod picture... and a woman running right into my photo...

Gare du Neuss
Karl Arnoldstraße 3-5
41462 Neuss, Germany

Next market will be on June, 3rd

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DIY Encrusted Peter Pan collar necklace

The Peter Pan collar seems to be all over the place and has been for a while now. As the embodiment of innocence, playfulness and rigour this piece can be used to create an atmosphere of girlishness in almost every situation (remember not to take this image to seriously, a pencil skirt and slipover would be too much), hence it seems to be a good companion when it comes to upgrading your daily wardrobe.

This current fashion inspired me to make my own statement of girlishness – in the shape of a collar necklace which can be added to every outfit of your choice.

What we need:
paper, pencil, dividers
white fabric
needle and yarn
hot glue gun (or other strong glue)
pearls! (this time I used four different sizes)
satin ribbon

  • Fold your sheet of paper in the middle and with the dividers draw nearly half of a circle onto the sheet (approximately the diameter of your neck), complete half of the form of a Peter Pan collar and unfold the paper.
  • With fixing pins fasten the pattern to a double layer of fabric and border it with a pencil. 

  • Leaving approximately one centimetre of fabric cut out your collar.
  • Sew the two layers of fabric together, leaving some open space in order to turn it over in the end.

  • After turning the collar to the right side close the open space (don’t worry, the stitching will be covered by pearls).
  • With the hot glue gun or strong glue start applying the pearls to your collar.
  • Attach the satin ribbon to the ends of the collar.

As always, this procedure takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it. You can even experiment with the colour of fabric and pearls, depending on the colour of your garments you want it to combine with. I hope you are inspired!

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Dip Dye Experiment: Shorts

You see them everywhere: Dip Dye fashion items. And a DIY addict like me had to try it. After sourcing through my cupboard I found a pair of old white trousers which reminded me of the ones a doctor would wear... but not me! In addition to that I hate white clothes, I'm always of the opinion this color leaves me with a white face and huge thighs. Therefore it was pleasure to kill my doctor's trousers.

What we need:
textile color

white/ light object
clothing hanger
fabric scissors

To get shorts you should simply cut off your trousers' legs. So while wearing them mark the desired length and use your sharp (!!!) scissors to cut it. Not that hard, on youtube you should find heaps of tutorials for this easy process.

Now comes the process off dying. For this you should follow the instructions on your textile color, normally there is a part explaining how to do it in a bucket. Luckily my clothing hanger was just big enough to stay outside the bucket, otherwise I would have had to build some kind of construction to keep it from falling into my bucket. In addition to that I also taped my trousers to the hanger, safe is safe.
Since I did not want textile color everywhere in my house I decided on letting it dry outside...

The result... I'm not that happy with it, because the coloring is not as even as I wanted it to be, I probably should have move to more often while the garment was hanging in the color... You learn from mistakes.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

DIY Hair Ribbon II & Preview

It seems like I've been working on this piece forever, with all the little pearls and buttons to attach. Yet as the production progressed I fell more and more in love with it. This ribbon does not like to play a minor role, so wear it as a centrepiece to muted colours.

Next week's preview: Encrusted Peter Pan Collar Necklace

A treat for your neckline upgrading a casual outfit as well as a summer dress. Stay tuned in for the Encrusted Peter Pan Collar Necklace DIY.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Visit Venice: Three tips

I now I'm quite late: You all already know where your next holiday destination will be and visiting Venice during the summer month is also not the best idea. But since I love this city, even though I have to share it with a few million tourists, I had to do this post after I was lucky enough to have the chance of revisiting Venice last January.
It wasn't my first time in Venice, I stopped counting the times I've been there, but I have a special relationship with the city. C'mon, how many of you can claim that they made their first steps ever on the Rialto bridge...
But Rialto is not one of my favorite places, not depending on the season you are there, you will wait just to get a short view on the Canale Grande. And the bridge is not the only place crowded with tourists but one of many.
Luckily Venice is a maze, you can easily get lost (and find a dead end... *cough*) in all the small alleys, just leave the main streets and enjoy the city's atmosphere. Chances are high that you are not seeing another tourist. At least for some minutes...

And there is always the possibility of discovering a new place, a cafè, a shop... so when I spent my winter break over there I collected three spots for you... And since our typical Venice day consists of: walking, drinking a coffee, walking, coffee/drink, walking, shopping for dinner, cooking in our holiday flat; it's not a big surprise there are two cafés and one shop I got for you.

Note: It's quite difficult to give a specific address to you because all the houses have numbers... not in every street but in every district. Nowadays there are also street names, but the official addresses do not seem to include them... so you probably should look them up.

For shopping
"Il mercante die Sabbia"

The things they got here are maybe not the most affordable ones, but most of them are really nice and quite surprising. After leaving this place I did not just look for a rich boyfriend, no, my head was filled with inspiration for DIY. It's like soulfood but with things, you look at the stuff and feel an instant happiness in you... at least my case.
In addition to that the street maybe belongs to one of the more touristic ones, but there were nevertheless many really nice shops in the area. And it's quite close to the Frari church... there is a nice little café... the cafe dei Frari ( as I said... walking + coffee^^), unfortunately I did not take a picture of the latter

At the corner of "Calle dei Saoneri" and "Calle Secondi dei Saoneri", Rio Terà 2614, San Polo

For coffee / tea
"Caffe' Orientale Tearoom Di Elena Mazzacurati"

Long name, huh? It's not the most typical café for Venice, not even for Italy. I would say: It's British. Even the hot chocolate looked more like hot chocolate than like custard (as it does typically in Italy.. strange and really substantial).
Furthermore it is a really nice place to drink coffee or tea while looking at the pictures... they are maybe not the most artistic ones with a really deep background, but they are quite cute: All the walls of the room are covered with acrylic paint drawings showing all sorts of animals. And all of them are made by the owner, who seemed to be a nice man.... (does not say much: I can't speak a word Italian...). On the toilet were other images of him, this ones were nicer, but the animals are just perfect for the dining area.
When we left everyone of us had the possibility to chose from one of the bookmarks he sells, on every piece another animal was printed.

Sestiere Santa Croce, 888

"Torrefazione Marchi a Venezia"
We found this the last day in Venice and regretted it: This little coffee roast house does not only make really nice coffee, even though the prices of the sole product are quite high, drinking it in was really affordable. And I was really surprised discovering this place just now after visiting Venice that many times since it is on the main shopping street connecting the train station with the St. Marc's Square.
Nothing much to add, go there and regret to not be an Italian... I love Italian coffee.

Strada Nove ( comming from the main station right behind Canale Cannaregio), Cannaregio, 1337

Obviously this is just a little part of Venice and I'm sure you will discover many nice spots when you are there. For first-time-tourists Rialto is probably also not that bad and you should also visit all the sights... and by the way, the most important Italian word is "Permesso", meaning "Excuse me", even though residents use also their elbows with it. So when you hear it, it's time to hide in a house entrance.

As you now know: Venice is one of my favorite places in the world... what about yours?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DIY Pearl-speckled Top

After 13 exhausting, exciting and funny years of school I now finally seem to have the time to work a little more on my creative projects, including this one I have worked on for more than a month. Especially this project needs some time, but I promise the outcome is all the more stunning.

DIY Pearl-speckled Top

We need:

a top in a colour of your choice (I chose grey for it fitted best to the pearls)

three kinds of pearls in different sizes

needle and yarn

  1. Imagine a triangle shape right under the neckline and start sewing the largest pearls to the fabric.
  2. Sew the other pearls in the remaining gaps, deciding on how close to each other they should be.

It's that easy, but it takes a lot of time to get a satisfying result. So if you're looking for a classy top for the summer or for an evening out (looks great with a blazer!) I recommend you better fetch your needle and yarn!