Friday, 27 April 2012

A cute sewing Accessoire + Mother's day idea

Mother's day is coming up, at least in Germany, bringing up the little question: What to give as a little present? Christmas seems like yesterday and you were still happy that you found something for that occasion.
At least it is not Christmas and in my family giving a huge present at Mother's day was never a thing.
Therefore today I have a little idea for you, when you just want to make something cute, easy, but for fitting for Mums, who like to sew.

Et voila:
A cupcake pin cushion

What we need:
fabric/ felt in two colors (dough + icing)

cotton wool or other stuffing material
single (small!!!) metal muffin tray
yarn (at least one fitting the "icing" color)

1. Cut out a circle out of your "dough" material. It should be about 2 cm bigger than your muffin tray.
2. Stitch around the circle.
3. Pull the two at the two ends of the yarn so the "pouch" closes around the cotton wool.

4. Trace and cut your "icing"
3. Sew it to your dough. I know it is quite tempting but DO NOT glue it, since it gets hard and pushing the pins through that will be not that easy.
5. Stick your ready cupcake into your single muffin tray.

Aaaaand, after adding your "sprinkles" alias your pins.. you... are... ready!

So enjoy your weekend an especially the upcoming Mother's day on May, 13th with the best woman in your life.

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