Friday, 13 April 2012

The Dip Dye Experiment: Shorts

You see them everywhere: Dip Dye fashion items. And a DIY addict like me had to try it. After sourcing through my cupboard I found a pair of old white trousers which reminded me of the ones a doctor would wear... but not me! In addition to that I hate white clothes, I'm always of the opinion this color leaves me with a white face and huge thighs. Therefore it was pleasure to kill my doctor's trousers.

What we need:
textile color

white/ light object
clothing hanger
fabric scissors

To get shorts you should simply cut off your trousers' legs. So while wearing them mark the desired length and use your sharp (!!!) scissors to cut it. Not that hard, on youtube you should find heaps of tutorials for this easy process.

Now comes the process off dying. For this you should follow the instructions on your textile color, normally there is a part explaining how to do it in a bucket. Luckily my clothing hanger was just big enough to stay outside the bucket, otherwise I would have had to build some kind of construction to keep it from falling into my bucket. In addition to that I also taped my trousers to the hanger, safe is safe.
Since I did not want textile color everywhere in my house I decided on letting it dry outside...

The result... I'm not that happy with it, because the coloring is not as even as I wanted it to be, I probably should have move to more often while the garment was hanging in the color... You learn from mistakes.

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