Friday, 20 April 2012

VISIT Neuss: Weiberkram market + Additions to my wardrobe

Soooo this week my post is not that exciting. Since I was suicidal as I am and decided on writing my finals in Advanced history, I spent my week summarizing the last 200 years, unfortunately my creativity and I had a crisis during this time. The result, I did not even get close to do anything.

On April, 1st I went to my Grandpa's birthday, not the most thrilling event, but we combined the trip with a stop at a flea market in Neuss, NRW, called "Weiberkram" meaning something like broad's stuff.
It took part in a former train station and therefore the location was quite cool, it had this combination of old trashy stuff and a nice, light hall. On top of that, they sold mainly clothes, a paradise for a passionate thrifter as I am.
Sadly there was a pretty long queue to get in, I believe we waited around 45 minutes before we got in, so I have the advice to arrive quite early, apparently those who left their beds in the middle of the night did not have to wait that long. In addition of that some girls want quite an amount of money, even when their pieces was bought at H&M, but when you look carefully you will find something nice...

My two babies: A vintage viscose/polyester shirt, not my size but easily worn as dress or tucked in trousers: 1 Euro, and my best pick ever, a dark red leather (real!) coat from the 60s, really nicely fitting aaaaand: 9 Euro. I died.

ipod picture... and a woman running right into my photo...

Gare du Neuss
Karl Arnoldstraße 3-5
41462 Neuss, Germany

Next market will be on June, 3rd

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