Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Copper Ring Inspiration

Due to delivery delay and no weekend available to spend the day with my sewing machine I can only give a short but nevertheless worthwhile inspiration for your finger decoration. Lately I became a little frustrated that I have so few rings to wear, and since I am a friend of gold jewellery it is indeed difficult to find the right one for me (considering my taste the chance is diminished to a minimum). Inspired by Etsy's knot ring I paid a visit to my dad's garage and came back with copper wire (power cable) and several pliers. This is the result:

Try to make two nooses with the plier and wind another piece of wire around (this should be the knot). Through the little loop at the backside thread a third piece of wire and form it into a ring.

With a plier hold three pieces of copper wire and try to braid them (this takes a little time).

The knot ring. Easy as it sounds- try to make a knot into one larger piece of wire. Cut the ends in the desired length and form a ring.

I really like the copper's colour, it reminds me a bit of red gold. I hope you're insprired and try all sorts of forms with this material.

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