Friday, 11 May 2012

DIY Tassel belt

Tassels are "in", I know I'm not telling you anything new since this is the status at least since last autumn, but still... I really like them and you will have to cope with that: My today's project was inspired by the two black tassels I found at a flea market for 50 ct. each, quite a bargain compared with in-store prices.
And in addition to that I used a autumn color, but by knowing about one Australian will (maybe) read this: I'm even going with the season ^^

Don't ask me what happened to the image, and me are on war right now (see other pictures)

What we need:
(Don't ask me why I didn't make the usual picture... and when I realized it was missing I wasn't able to recreate it... -.-)
piece of fabric (velvet rules) or leather 20 cm x 65 cm (length depends on your waist measurements)
cord (you see which type) ca. 120 -150 cm (see above)
2 tassels

paper for your template

1. Create your template. Length-wise your belt should have a small gap at the back when wearing it so measure your waist and subtract 3-5 cm
2. Copy your template on your fabric and cut it out, remember to add about 1.5 cm seam allowance.
3. Sew along the sides of your belt, outside on outside, besides the area I marked blue on each side.
4. Flip your belt over so your inside is now outside.

5. Push the end of your cord inside the left open ends and fix it by sewing on this area several times.
6. Since my cord tended to fringe and undo I used some ordinary sewing yard and wraped it several times around each end.
7. The trickiest part of the belt: Attach the tassels. I did it similar as point 6, but I'm not really happy with this solution, so I will probably just glue a piece of fabric around the ends so it will stay.

So, hope you still like the belt even though it is sooo "yesterday" and sorry for the oddly shaped pictures, don't know what happened there

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