Friday, 25 May 2012

FAKE IT: Element inspired fake lace back top

or: MY lace experience.
I say: It's official now, lace is totally en vouge. Or you give me another reason why Michelle was able to read my thoughts about this week's post. Luckily she solved it differently than I did since I'm a little bit complicated about certain materials.

My grandmother was a dressmaker (not that she would teach me anything... too far away) and so my whole family cared about the right material, always the natural option was preferred so as wool, silk or cotton. Therefore I am also caring about this and in most cases that is not too bad. Coming to lace I have a kind of love-hate relationship with it. Firstly there is the one made of handmade cotton one, feeling nice, looking great and expensive the price just fits the product... even though you can get it on fleamarkets for a quite affordable amount of money its a rarely used material in my projects. On the other hand the polyester ace you can get for a smaller budget. My problem with this is not only the look (always thinking about certain women working at night since it looks (sorry dear lace) cheap) but also the feel on my skin, its itchy and not nice, so using this is also no real option.

So when I discovered a element top at a (crap) fashion/lifestyle market, I flipped... because pieces of leftover fabric are quite reachable...

What we need:

A vest top/tank top
a piece of fabric: cotton
thin paper
"vliselline" (brand does not matter) (optional)

scissors (fabric ones, small ones), chalk, etc

sewing machine

1. While wearing my top I marked the height of my bra since I do not like showing anything of it (even the straps and me ain't the best friends). I decided to set the seam quite a bit higher so I was on the safe side.
2. After laying the paper over the top I traced the area for the desired back part decorated with the lace so I had a basis for templates.

3. There is my ready "creative space" template...
4. And on basis of this I made another one showing the desired design...
5. Both of them together.

6. Now I copied the the design on the fabric.
7. After cutting it out on the outer lines I would trace them also on vlieseline because...
8. ... then I used a iron to fix it on the fabric since this will prevent the fabric from fraying.
9. Now I was able to cut the pattern part out, use your smaller scissors.

9. Use a leftover piece of fabric to test the seam of your sewing machine.
10. Start sewing by placing the fabric just like on the picture, frame all edges...
11. Ready! The whole piece is framed... was a hell lot of work and I was quite happy to have a pattered fabric so little mistakes are nearly invisible...

Now it comes to finishing of the top:
12. In order to do so you should draw your wished backline of your basic top and cut it out by leaving 1 cm seam allowance. Also cut the top at the straps.
13. Then sew along it after folding the seam in using a stretch stitch. Do the same at the straps.
14. Finally you can sew your "lace" to the prepared top.

And there it is: My element inspired fake lace back top... I kind of underestimated the time for all the seaming but in the end I really liked the result even though my "lace" piece looks a little bit like a bull...  phew. It's a wood patterned bull and he totally rocks^^


  1. Wow, super gemacht! :D SIeht toll aus!

    Naja, notfalls gibts ja immer noch den Online-Shop! ;) New Look schifft ja auch nach Deutschland.

    1. Soo, dank dir auf unserem Blog ist mein Tag jetzt offiziell gerettet... auch wenn Portokosten und Mindestbestellwerte der natürliche Feind des Sparfuches sind xP