Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Lace Experience

Inspired by the latest lace trend and my everlasting curiosity for Parisian fashion I lately decided to use this fabulous kind af fabric for my own purposes. Given the fact that lace embodies classic chic and has the ability to both give a hint of disclosed skin and simultaneously cover it it's the perfect partner for a glamorous appearance (and which woman wouldn't want that?).
This tutorial is quite easy, yet it requires a bit of sewing practice (it takes some time if you have no sewing machine), but as usual I say to you that it's worth the effort.

We need:

a black shirt

black lace (enough to cover your back)

needle and yarn (better: a sewing machine)

optional: tailor's chalk and dividers

1) Seperate the back of your tee from the front by detaching the old seams running along the back of
the shirt.
2) Optional: If you want to change the neckline of your shirt do it in the form you want. I marked the point how wide I wanted it to be and with the dividers drew two semi circles until I reached approximately a 4 centimetre space to the armpits. Then I drew a straight line to the shoulders, cut
it and sewed it.
3) Now take the back of the tee (the piece of fabric you just separated) and with fixing needles pin it onto the lace fabric.
4) Cut out the lace leaving some space at the top and bottom (the upper and lower part of your shirt). Sew these parts securing the hem.
5) Now the tricky part: Lay both your piece of lace and the front of your shirt with the right side onto   another and fix the lace to the exact place where the two pieces were before sewed together.
6) Carefully join the lace and the front part, I recommend securing the seams.
7) Now just turn the shirt and you're ready!

I'm really proud of this piece although the neckline shows a bit too much skin for my taste, I guess I need to secure it somehow. Apart from that this could really become one of my favourite garments for summer night parties.

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