Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pearl Statement Necklace

With so many pearls left from my collar necklace I decided to use them for a good cause. And with Mother's Day already knocking at the backdoor of my memory what better could I do than to make something for my mother and let her have a share in my works?
Okay, so this piece is really very easy and quick, but has a great effect on your wardrobe. All you need is two of my favourite materials as it seems and a bit of filament:

We need:

pearls in different sizes and shades

filament (gold or silver)

satin ribbon

needle and yarn

1. Cut five pieces of filament of the same length and twist them
    together at the end (leaving abot 3cm filament for later)
2. Thread a pearl on each strand taking different sizes, and carefully
    twist the strands together between each group of pearls.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have one strand of approximately 25
4. If you have some pearls left, try to weave them into the strand,
    filling out spaces.

5. The filament leftover is to be formed into a
    sort of longish loop.
6. Cut the satin ribbon into two pieces, thread it
    through the loops and sew the ends together.

That's it:

I hope you can get some inspiration out of this, of course you can take pearls in different colours as well.

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