Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pimp Your Blouse DIY I

It seems like a long time I already stare at the three white blouses in my closet, two of them being heirlooms of my grandma's. I now decided to reinvent two of them, summer very close to becoming reality (oh yes, I believe it is close).

We need:

a white blouse

needle and yarn (or a sewing machine)

textile colour

1. Cautiously seperate the arms from the rest of
    the blouse.
2. With fixing pins stake out the new seams and
    sew it by hand or with a sewing machine.

3. Mix a colour of your choice and after securing
    the borders with tape paint the button tap. I'd 
    recommend to paint part of the other side as
    well as it will be partly visible when wearing
    the blouse.
4. Do the same with the collar, painting only the
    outer border of it (both sides).
5. Iron the painted areas as prescribed on the
    paint (I did it with a kitchen towel between
    the fabric and the flat iron).

That's it! Now you're as good as ready for summer:

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