Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pimp Your Blouse II

So now here is the second tutorial on how to upgrade the white blouses in your wardrobe, and with this one I seem to follow the current trend of "gradient" fashion which I see everywhere. Believe me, these gradients have even infected my nails... The thing with dying is that it depends on so many elements, which fabric, which colour, which dying technique. Better read the prescription given in the package or you'll end up having a rose colour where you initially wanted white. Anyway, I am overall satisfied with the result, I really like the colour although it is not exactly as I wanted it to be.

 We need:

a white blouse

textile colour

a large bowl

a hanger

1. Weigh the content of the textile colour salt
    and divide it into four portions.
2. Mix the first portion with water and hang the
    blouse in the bowl until the mixture reaches
    the shoulder section (I'd recommend to build a
    contraption to secure the height of the blouse:
    Fix thread to the hanger and tie it to your
    shower head.)
3. Wait 15-20 Minutes and mix the next portion
    into the water, hanging the blouse a bit higher.
4. Repeat step 3 until your blouse is completely
    dyed (you might want to wait a little longer
    with the last two sections).
5. Now wash the blouse as described in the prescription and let it dry. Ready!

I must say that this was a comparatively easy project as I could just let the blouse hang in the shower while doing other things (except showering). I hope you got inspired to dye as many things as you can!

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