Friday, 4 May 2012

Selfmade advocaat or Mother's Day the second

Yes, it's not Easter anymore, but I do believe mothers and other ladies love this drink all year long: Advocaat or egg liqueur. A classic, often  bought, but easily homemade.
So look for a nice glass bottle and start doing your own right now, since most of the ingredients should be in any well-stocked household. But please buy fresh eggs, otherwise you can easily catch something.

You will see, your Mum will only want to drink your homemade advocaat after getting her bottle.

What we need:

250 ml whipped cream
1 vanilla bean
65 g sugar
4 really fresh egg yolks
65 g sugar
125 ml Cognac, Whiskey or Brandy, I also saw a few recipes with Vodka... no guarantee for that

1. Put your cream, the scratched out vanilla, the shell of the vanilla bean and the first portion of sugar in a pot and heat it till it boils, put it aside.
2. At the same time heat the egg yolks and your sugar in a bain-marie while whipping it with a blender or a whisk till its creamy and light yellow. This needs a few minutes.
3. Boil your cream-mixture again, so it's nice and hot when you add it to your egg-mixture while stirring it with something. Pour it through a sieve so the vanilla bean shell stays outside.

4.While stirring leave it quite a while in the bain-marie so it gets thicker.
5. Add your cognac (etc) and leave it for a while, so it cools down.
6. Fill it into a sterilized bottle.

1. You can easily freeze the egg white... or make macaroons

2. To sterilize your bottle you can either fill it with boiling water and wait a few minutes ( for shorter storage) or you put it into the oven for about 15 min by 130°C, let it cool down for a few minutes before filling it.

Enjoy it and *hicks*  Cheers!

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