Friday, 18 May 2012

VISIT Maastricht: Traders Pop

Since Maastricht is just around the corner from Cologne going there on a day-trip basis is a nice opportunity to spend a free day. But even though the city consists of really nice houses and offers amazing French fries at "Reitz Friture" (Market, next to McDonalds, just look for the queue), doing the thing a girl loves to do was not too attractive to me: Yes, there are many typical stores to shop in, but h&m, bershka and Zara can be easily found in Cologne, so why bother to drive 100 km one-way to visit them in the Netherlands.

Clothing and books

The reason why I have visited Maastricht even after realizing that where the few smaller shops at the other (eastern) side of the river Maas and my beloved Café in the bookshop located in a church -and (during Napoleon's invasion) horse stable. Especially the first are quite nice ones, offering especially home goods and interesting (expensive) objects. Nothing rocking my boot, but still nice.

Just on one of my last visits I discovered another part of Maastricht, and loved it. Don't ask me why I needed so much time to find it since it is quite close to the main streets, but I found the place to go to right after arriving in Maastricht: Traders Pop. This store is just perfect. It stocks women's and men's clothing ( this fact is important, so your boyfriend comes with you without any use of force) from brands with nice designs like Betit Bateaut, Cheap Monday, Nyümph.... Furthermore you will find several art and design books (I guess next time I will buy a "Fashionary" there... no shipping cost = win!), postcards with art prints aaaand ... Vintage clothing.

 The awesome Vintage section
Yes, you will roll your eyes, I know Vintage is a often used word for old, smelly stuff and every oh-so-amazing-hipster-or-whatever is wearing the stuff after buying it for really high prices, but still... some vintage items are quite nice. I'm not the biggest fan of vintage stores either, since I am the bargain hunter I am and my mum kept all her clothing, so I have a free vintage store. But Traders Pop does actually stock really nice pieces in good quality, so I can at least understand some of the prices. Another rarity they offer are also men's clothing in this section and I was quite jealous since their Burberry coats would not fit me. Furthermore they had quite funny things like a whole clothing rack dedicated to blue and white striped t-shirts and (I laughed really hard) leopard print overalls.... don't ask me who is supposed to wear them^^

 Spotting your prom dress there?
In addition to all the consume possibilities Traders Pop does also consists of the former Traders Pop Gallery, now called "Wild West active space", as far as I understood an interactive gallery/ meeting point / community thing / etc.

So this blogpost just wants to encourage you to visit Maastricht and run into this amazing place while I am chilling in London :). By the way the whole street/ area is quite nice, so just walk around there....

Heggenstraat 16
6211 GW Maastricht
Tel: 043 3210830

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