Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Chain Collar Necklace

I am totally not the girl for wearing pearl necklaces around my neck. So when I saw this tutorial at Cut Out + Keep (great DIY community), I knew I had to find another way, since the simple idea was too great: Picking up the whole collar trend but being summer compatible since I am not keen on wearing extra fabric around my neck with temperatures high (even though the thought of summer is quite illusory with rain pouring down outside). And voila here is my version completely fitting my style and quite easy to recreate.

What we need:
80 cm of chain
3 ring (see on picture)
necklace clasp

1. Divide your chain in four parts.
2. Bring one end from each of your chains together and link them with one if the rings
3. Open the chain link of two chain parts on the other end.
4. Fix your necklace clasp to them and close the chain links. Close them to get the chain going around your neck

5. Measure from the middle along the chain around your neck, divide it after 13 cm on each side.
6. Add your remaining rings to the gap attaching also every time one of the loosly hanging chains.

And just after a few minutes you can go on the streets wearing your very own chain collar necklace...^^

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  1. Oh richtig cool! :D Ich glaub, ich werd das auch mal ausprobieren. Danke!