Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fake Hermès Clutch DIY

I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, but somehow something always came between me and this project. Actually I discovered the idea in this blog, presenting a funny tutorial on how to make your own paper Hermès Clutch (very easy indeed), and I thought "why not changing paper into fake leather?" So I bought fake leather and started the whole thing, realizing it is not as easy to fold leather (especially the fake version) as folding paper. But you will see that somehow it came out pleasing enough.

You need:

fabric (with or without pattern)

fake leather (two different colours)


needle and yarn (or a sewing machine)

textile glue (or different strong glue)

magnet closure

1. + 2. Print out the tutorial and cut out the pieces. I transformed the H at the front into an M (indicating my first name).
3. Lay the stencils onto the leather and cut them out accordingly. The long piece needs to be cut out twice!
4. Place the biggest stencil and the two trangles onto the patterned fabric and cut this out as well. Sew leather and fabric together, leaving space at the edges (the parts where you sew them together).
5. + 6. Sew the two triangles to the main part, you now have the basic shape of the clutch.
7. Take the two long pieces an one part of the magnet closure.
8. Attach the magnet closure to one piece.
9. Sew the two pieces together, you now have the strap.
10. Glue or sew the strap to the main part.
11. Glue the M together (or the H), the stencil is pretty self-explaining.
12. Finally attach the M and the other part of the magnet closure to the main part.

That's it:

It actually took me a bit longer than I thought, but I quite like the outcome. Although you cannot take that much stuff with you when hitting the city. Additionally you can attach a chain and wear it over your shoulder.

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