Saturday, 30 June 2012

Let's sew again: Leggings + The best milkshake ever!

One day late, but I certainly underestimated the time the whole graduation ceremony would steal from my day so I could not finish off my post. Still, today I do not only have one of my most favorite sewing projects for you, but also a little web tip where you can find amazing recipes especially the one I will suggest making.

Enough of the talk, let's get sewing!
Jersey is one of my absolute favorite materials since I got sewing machine with the possibility to use a stretch-stich. Since then I went along (especially Turkish) markets to find cool afforadable one turning them into shirts aaaand even better the leggings I will sew with you. That may sound like I have done heaps of jersey projects since then, but unfortunately the best market for jerseys is in Berlin... with me being in Cologne this fact sucks. Last week I was happy enough to get two nice pieces of jersey on a market in Cologne-Nippes and since the pattern I would use is a online one it was time for another let's sew...

Firstly there is the pattern I used, it was published on the website of CUT Magazine, a German aboslutly amazing magazine. Therefore all the instructions are German, but I do believe this one should be pretty easy to sew... In addition to that I used one of my new beloved jerseys. I bought this because it reminded me of the whole floral/ ombre trend and so I fell in love with the pattern...^^ You need about 1,2m x 1,5m strechable material. I used less since my legs are not the longest since I'm only 1,52 m tall

The whole sewing process 

The probably hardest part about making my pair of leggings was probably my attempt to have to colour change from blue to grey on the same height of each leg. Therefore I marked it on the paper template and it worked out just fine.
In order of sewing it all gets really easy, obviously you should be able to imagine the finished result but sewing the legs and the upper part should be no problem. On the top you sew one larger tunnel where a elastic band is inserted, which should fitting around your waist. Lastly you sew along your leg openings on the bottom... and you are done.

And since this whole thing would be just too easy I decided to quickly introduce the blog Green Kitchen Stories to you since I have been constantly making one of their milkshakes the past weeks. The site is a cooking blog where the authors Luise and David + their adorable daughter Elsa publish vegetarian recipes and anecdotes from there kitchen. I love this page since I am a veggie and hate reading awesome recipes with meat in them... in addition to that they have all these healthy, but yummy looking foods all being presented in nice design and photography.
Coming to my favorite: The Strawberry Peanut Butter Milkshake. 
It is ahhhh-mazing! I am a absolute peanut butter addict and therefore I instantly loved the idea. The shake is great instead of breakfast and after sport, quickly made and absolutely awesome... but the authors are right: You have to respect the layers.

Soo this is all from me, I gotta go and drink another shake since it's strawberry time!

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  1. Die leggings ist soooo cool! Hab mcih echt gefreut dich kennenzulernen :)
    Love Lois xxx