Friday, 22 June 2012

Let's sew: Getting cute shorts by reusing a thrifted shirt

I've to admit this week's post isn't the most creative one from my side. But since the past weeks all my sewing evolved around getting my prom dress finished (got it done. Wohoo!) I was really looking forward to do something easy I did not have to think too much about.
Normally I would not show you the process of me sewing something by following a pattern since I'm in Germany mainly relying on German magazines. Good for you that there is something called the internet where patterns can be easily downloaded nowadays. And the one I used is a free one, so all you need is a printer and there you go.

By the way, I stole the title from the gaming scene on youtube, where people comment there gaming process in videos and I thought... why not. In addition to that you get kind of a review on the pattern and on download patterns in general.
But enough of the rambling: Let's sew!!!

I used the Colette Madeleine mini bloomer pattern...

 1. Printing out and creating the pattern.
Everytime I copy a pattern out of a magazine I use tracing paper, because when you copy it on the fabric you can normally see if there are any wrinkles in the underground. In order to keep up this "tradition" I decided to cut out DinA-4 sized pieces out of the paper to print on it. Baaaad idea. My printer totally wrecked up and some papers came out really wrinkled and messed up. Soo when you want to use tracing paper you should copy it from the printed out pattern, otherwise your printer could die.
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
Talking about the whole printing process, this is actually one big downside about downloading patterns. You have to think about it, you pay some money for the thing normally (which is often similar to buying at least a have magazine) and you still need to print, cut and glue it. Extra work you would not have with a magazine version.
Another negative aspect about this certain pattern was that when I was cutting out the pieces for my size I had problems trying to find the right lines because they printed the sizing only twice per part not considering that every part consisted from about pieces where loosing the orientation was quite easy.

2. Cutting out the fabric
Now here comes the special thing about the whole project. The people from Colette advice you to use light fabrics as silk or cotton. I did so by finding a shirt on one of my beloved flea markets. Normally I look at the people to find out where searching for something in my size is logic but by seeing the pattern of my chosen shirt I HAD to buy it. And since it did contain of quite an amount of fabric I could just fit the pattern on it. Lucky me. In addition to that the seam allowance was already added making it easy to calculate the needed amount of fabric. My only problem about this was only that they used inches and yards the whole time... so my calculator was just laying next to me.

3. Sewing.
Sewing the parts together was quite easy since the instruction do include even pictures so following it should be even easy for a total beginner. Unfortunatly my sewing machine decided to die (but luckily not during the prom dress project) when I was about to sew the waistband so I had to move to my mum's sewing machine and rethinking everything is harder than one would think. So yeah... my tunnels are quite messed up but after inserting the elastic it looks quite fine when it creases.

So the last part is about working on the leg openings. I have to admit: I did not do them yet. The reasons are simple: Firstly I did not buy the needed ribbon yet and in addition to that I want to use the whole thing as sleeping shorts. So adding the ribbon they would not stay as comfortable as they are now. So I will probably just hem the leg openings and leave them like this even though I destroy the whole bloomer look. But phewww... who sees me anyway while I'm sleeping?

The instructions were easy to follow so sewing the whole thing should be quite easy. My big problem you probably already spotted was the fact that I had to prepare my pattern before I printed it so I have to admit that I prefer spending money on a magazine to printing out download patterns, but as long they are free I will happily sew with them....

And that's it... hope you still liked the whole thing and you could help me out with my leg opening question...

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