Tuesday, 19 June 2012

XL Pouch DIY

Women cannot have enough bags, everyone of us knows that. Yet the budget to buy a bag for every occasion, weekday, outfit (the list is endless…) is very rarely available. I must declare that I belong to that sort of woman, constantly seeing cute saddle bags, clutches, shoppers…but given the fact that I’m a student my possibilities are quite limited.
How beneficial it is to have a working sewing machine and several fabric remnants waiting for me at home and so much inspiration in my head. This one came from American Apparel, however I do not accept to pay that much for something that is made so easily. So I made my own version:

 You need:

 fabric in a colour of your choice


 a zipper

 needle and yarn (or a sewing machine)

1. Take the fabric and place a DinA 4 page on it, securing it with fixing pins. Trace the outline 
    with a pen, repeating it four times (so in the end you have four identical pieces). Cut them 
    out, leaving some space at the borders.
2. Sew the lace on two of the four pieces, covering approximately one third of the fabric. Take
    into consideration the lace's hem!
3. Place one piece with lace on a piece without lace and sew them together on the longer side
   (remember placing the right sides onto another), preparing it for the zipper. Repeat this   
   procedure with the other two pieces.
4. Now lay the two remaining parts onto another, right side on right side. Sew about two
   centimetres along the already sewed part on each side.
5. Open the two parts like a book so you face the wrong side. Fold the seams outwards (see picture)
   and iron it.
6. Fix the zipper to the ironed part and stitch it down.
7. Now sew the rest of the pouch, right side on right side. In the end open the zipper and turn the

Now you`re ready to hit the streets:

Instead of normal fabric you can use leather or other materials (of course you can replace the lace as well) or you embroider your fabric or... You see, there's a lot you can do with this kind of pouch.

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