Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monthly Favourites: July

Today's post is dedicated to the things I loved during last month. I really enjoy watching videos with the same topic on youtube and therefore decided to put something equivalent on my blog, especially since this gives me the chance to reflect the sustainability of my purchases. So hope you don't mind seeing (again) some things you cannot buy anywhere...

1. Hat from H&M, 5 Euro (Sale): When you are quite lucky, you may find this in your Sale section, even though I rarely saw this one anywhere. I loves wearing this hat, which more than one person called "The Spanish One".
2. Turban beanie thing from a  Vintage store in Brighton, 5 Pound: You get an better idea of this beanie in my galaxy pant tutorial.... I certainly love the little something this more extravagant beanie adds to any outfit, especially in combination with sun glasses... (not in this outfit because nearly no sun this month)
3. Military style jacket from IKKS, new thrifted, 6 Euro: Best thrift find in a long time, there was even the tag in it... I love the studded shoulder pads and the fact, that no one decided to buy it, since it is supposed to be a children one...
4. Patterned pants from H&M, 9,95 Euro: I believe many people will get them but I couldn't resist when I saw them. Especially since I missed out on the stripped ones H&M had at the beginning of the year.
5. Shirt, Vintage thrifted, 1,50 Euro: Saw it, Loved it, Bought it, Wear it constantly knotted.
6. Red tassel loafers, Seaside (Portugal), 29,95 Euro: The fashion victim I am had to buy these after looking quite a long time for loafers. But since I am a size 34 - 35 I had to travel to Portugal to find them.
7. The best (German) DIY magazine, CUT, 9,50: Bad luck for all of you living somewhere else, the newest issue of CUT is as amazing as all the others. Even though it is quite expensive, this magazine is worth it and published only twice a year.
8. Moleskine cookbook, present: Moving out for university does also mean leaving behind my Mum's awesome cooking, so I am currently writing down the "Best OF" of the past years.
9. Mandarina Duck Hera Bag, thrifted 9 Euro: I always loved this brand even as a 5 year old... not because of the designs, but the duck they had in their logo. Yes, I am easily convinced. Grownup as I am I do not really like many of their bags, but the whole Hera line is certainly beautiful.

And that are all my loved ones this month... What did you use on general basis?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

DIY: Waiting for the stars... Galaxy pants

... and for weather to wear this project. It seems like one big curse. The moment I did my D&G inspired skirt sun was a rarely seen thing and right now after doing this project summer has finally decided to show up with all the heat it could offer. But since all the magazines already started to show the upcoming autumn collection: Why not do some project for that time... ? In addition to that summer never lasts long in Germany.
But lets talk about the actual tutorial. Galaxy. I'm telling you no news by saying that apparently the whole fashion world is obsessed with this pattern. It hit me quite late, since most of the tutorials do consist of of brighter colors, especially pink... a color I cannot stand and therefore I was never really interested. But as the universe is endless there are hopefully some darker spots.

Turban: Vintage store in Brighton; Shirt: Thrifted, Vintage; Collar tips: Monki
Before we actually start: The colors do not show up perfectly on camera... there is actually more pattern in real life, even though using fabric paint will actually bring forward a quite muted result. I saw many tutorials using acrylic paint... but mine are washable!

What we need:
1 pair of black pants... I used a pair with a faded black I would normally not wear anymore

bleach + a spray bottle
fabric color in dark blue, red and white.. when you want to cover bleach marks on the inside: black
duct tape
a sponge
an old toothbrush
some paper to prepare the ground
palette or something like that

1. I put my pants on the newspaper covered ground... good thing about the weather: I was able to work outside.
2. To prevent zippers, buttons etc. from being sprayed on I covered them with duct tape.
3. I mixed 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach in my spray bottle and started applying it on the fabric trying to create several concentrated center. It's better you let it dry several times before you overdo the bleach.

4. Then it comes to using the colors. First you see it without, but bleached.
5. I started off using dark blue to add some depth to the black areas.
6. Apply red around the orange areas, use the sponge for all the colors
7. And then its time for white: First you create fogs all over your galaxy, then you mix a tiny bit water and a lot of white to feel like in kindergarten again: Sprinkle all the stars on your pants by pushing back some bristles of your toothbrush and realising them. Add some bigger stars with some pointy object (backside of a brush, a pen).

And that's it. Nothing more to do. And as I said: There is no end to our universe and so you can use nearly any color you want. Just google "galaxy" or "galaxy pants" and you will find enough inspiration to do your very own pair.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Let's go thrifting: 2 fleamarkets in 2 days...

I am not the one for going partying. The wrong music combined with my habit to sleep at night do simply not add up to something desirable. So this is not the reason to look forward to weekends. But on weekends, especially on Sundays are always flea markets, and this weekend I went a bit crazy by visiting two...

So, I will start off by showing the things I got, before giving a short review on the two markets, so everyone not being able to come around Cologne and Bonn can easily skip that.

What I got:

1. Pants, 1,50 € I call these trousers "military pants for ecos"... yeah. They do not fit perfectly + they are not really my style, but I kind of fell in love with the wood optic and thought about styling them with DocMartens (in dark green) and one of my future DIY.
2. Blouse, 2 € Normally I avoid buying H&M things, since event though they are then out of season I feel like not finding anything special, but I love dots +greys+ I wore something similar during my graduation ceremony and got nostalgic.
3. Lace crop top, 1 € White is not my color, but loved it. End of the story. Oh, it is see-through in the back, but there is fabric underneath the front.
4. Fabric color in dark green + red, 2 € Desperate buy much.
5. Black shirt I, 2 € I was looking for a slightly oversized black shirt and they all wanted 2 - 3 €, too much as I thought. So when the lady said 1, I was like: Getting that. Apparently I misunderstood her, she wanted 3, I ended up giving her 2 and still do regret this buy...
6. Black shirt II, 0,5 € I bought this just after black shirt, but this one was quite a bargain and the perfect cut I looked for, so I had to get it^^

Conclusion: I am really happy with the things I got especially the lace top is quite cool since it is officially summer for one day now and I can get away wearing it with high waisted stuff. Yes, I do regret the first black shirt, but one can never have enough basics and I will survive the loss of 2 Euros. All in all I believe I did pretty good by not spending too much and I know why I love going thrifting...^^

The markets:
Both fleamarkets I visited were organized by nachtkonsum and you have to pay 3 Euro to get in. The "special" thing about these markets is that they take part later on the day or even at night, as the name "night consume" does already hint. I love that, on Saturday I was even able to go there after working till 8 pm and still was able to buy some things.

21.07.2012 "Trödel dich glücklich" ("Thrift yourself happy") in Cologne-Ehrenfeld
I've to admit this was not my first time here, but certainly one of my better. Cologne-Ehrenfeld is a part of Cologne which did change over the past 20 years through gentrification. So there are many alternative, small businesses (especially awesome cafés + my absolute favorite 2nd hand store) and therefore the typical visitor of this market is younger (up to 30.. just guessing). Ehrenfeld was once an industrial part of Cologne and the whole market takes part in an old factory hall (+ the area around it, called JACK.IN.THE.BOX) close to an old depot, which creates an awesome atmosphere for the market, especially at nighttime.
In addition to that I like the pieces offered, most of them being clothing items, so I normally spend some money here, the downside of it is that people do want quite an amount of money, but I normally do not buy stuff for more than 3, 4 Euro plus I start buying things as late as possible so the people are happy to get rid of the pieces and drop their prices... so I can live with that.
The whole market became more and more some kind of event since there is always some live music around some kind of bar and food stalls in the outside area so the market is often pretty crowded and sometimes you had problems to look at the things due to the amount of people. This time I was positively surprised by their new habit of letting only a certain amount of people into the inside area. I had to wait about 10 minutes, but then it was whole new shopping experience...

Trödel dich Glücklich, JACK.IN.THE.BOX e.V. Vogelsangerstraße 231, Leyendeckerstr. 2a, Cologne, next one is on August  11, 5 - 12 pm

22.07.2012 "Mädelsflohmarkt" ("Girl's flea market) in Bonn
The special thing about this market is, again, the idea of only female persons selling their stuff to the visitors, so finding clothes is not too surprising. I was really excited to go there and did not know the market yet and I can certainly start of by saying: Not going again. It's not the markets fault that I do not live in Bonn, so I cannot blame my longer journey on it, but it was certainly not worth it.
The location is apparently an alternative event thing, but as you can hopefully see on the pictures it does not really look too interesting or cool as the one in Ehrenfeld (Yes, I am comparing here, but hey: Same organizator!). So after standing in a queue to get in we started of in a really small entrance area, before we went upstairs to continue. I do not really know anything about the part of Bonn where the market took place, but let's just say: They did not offer my style at all. Okay, one blouse caught my eye, but not paying 15 Euro on a flea market. So the few pieces I liked were really overpriced, especially the ones with younger girls selling them, giving me the feeling that they did never enter a real flea market. So I ended up only buying fabric color, and this was more of an desperate buy since it was on the very last stall of the whole market.
Used to the whole situation in Ehrenfeld I did not exactly expect live music, but at least some food. They had some, but this was offered by the event location itself but I was not too keen on poorly made sandwiches in not too nice presentation so my poor stomach had to wait till I returned home. A lost day.

Mädelsflohmarkt, Brückenforum, Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 17, Bonn. Next one is on October 14, 15 - 20 pm

That was me talking about my favorite weekend activity, so when you are anytime around this area, check at least the first market out. And when anyone knows about great markets in Hamburg, please tell me

Friday, 20 July 2012

OUTFIT + DIY: (A)Symmetrical skirt

Leather jacket: bought in China ( for 15 Euro, yay!); Crop shirt: Zara, altered by me
Shoes: Seaside, Potugal; Tights: Rossmann; Hera Bag by Mandarina Duck (thrifted);Rings: Vintage, 70ies by Mum/Aunt;Hat: H&M sale;Necklace: Vintage by Grandmother

I am in love with the whole asymmetrical hemline. It doesn't matter if it is more flowy and feminine like in case of vokuhila skirts or really geometric and exact as this amazing skirt VeeVeeVouge wore here (Still thinking wether to do or not to do this one too)... And therefore it screamed DIY after I again went into my local Ikea and bought another meter of "Ditte", plain black cotton. So enjoy!

What we need:

A good fitting pencil skirt with no stretch ( or just a tiny, tiny bit) OR a pattern
1m x 1,5m fabric ( I used 100% cotton, some polyester/viscose part would be great -> less wrinkles)
a 20cm-zipper

transparent paper + measuring tape
typical sewing stuff including a sewing machine

1. I created my pattern. This was quite easy since the shape of a short pencil skirt is not too exciting. Simply lay your transparent paper on your skirt and trace around it. Add the needed pieces for the asymmetrical hemline and maybe mark the place where the zipper ends so you will not sew too much in step 5.

Important: Watch out for darts, you need to adjust your pattern to them otherwise your bottom will look edgy. And you do not want that!

2. After creating my pattern I pinned the paper to my fabric. I added the needed seam allowance (about 1 cm).
3. You should get one front piece and two back pieces.

4. I trimmed all sides by using a zigzag-stitch to prevent them from fraying.
5. Then I sewed along the bag seam leaving the part for the the zipper open. Iron it.
Important: On the pictures you can see that there is also a slit on the back part, you can or cannot leave this part open at this point. Silly me decided later on and had to open the stitches -.-

6. Of yourse you need to sew along your dart to get one... Iron it so the fold lays towards the middle of the skirt.

7. Sew in your zipper. Not tutorial at this point cause I suck... simply try or hand sew.
8. Since there are a lot of visible edges it not comes to folding, ironing and sewing along them so they look nice and neat.

 9. For the waitsband of your skirt we need again our pattern making skills. Lay your transperent paper on the upper part of your patterns and draw along them.
10. Draw a parallel line about 4 cm away from the line of your waistband line...

11. Just in case my explanation was not enough, I guess you get an idea by sewing it.
12. Sew the pieces together, the open ends being the ones at the middle of the back part (zipper...)

13. I layed my long pice on the outside of my skirt pairing the two upper parts up and then sewing along it.
14. After folding it into the skirt, ironing and sewing along it you got a nice and (more or less) neat waitsband (messed up zipper... argh!)

Aaaand that's it. I know it looks a bit confusing and this is certainly no project for someone who did never sew and/or never made a skirt, but for inspiration purpose and since I love this skirt, I hope you still enjoyed it (at least the outfit?). Thank you for surfing by

Friday, 13 July 2012

Pasteis de Nata

My parents have been to Lisbon several times and one of the most significant things they mentioned were little egg custard tartes called Pasteis de Nata. And even though I knew since January that my summer destination would be Lisbon I had to try them earlier. I made them first in February and they have become a always welcome snack, not only because they are made quick and with only a few ingredients but also because they taste simply amazing.
So with me being back in Lisbon right now and after (not) eating tons of original Natas I thought I would share at least the self-made ones with you...

What we need:
Find the missing ingredient!
vanilla (real one!!!)
1/16 l milk
1/2 tsp butter
35 g sugar
5 g flour
1/2 roll of  flaky pastry
1 egg

12 mini muffin pans ( the smaller one... obviously)

side note: The original recipe says 24... but since I have only 12 I divided the amounts. In case you want to make the full amount you simply have to add the other half, only that you add only an egg yolk!

1. For the filling start off with putting butter, milk and vanilla in a pot and by adding heat till the mixture boils.
2. In a seperate cup (etc.)  mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar) and add them to the pot after the butter-milk-mixture.
3. Let everything boil for a few minutes, then put the filling aside for at least 30 minutes.

4. Cut the flaky pastry into two halfs
5. Put one half into the freezer while the filling cools down.
6. After the 30 minutes add the egg to the filling and mix everything really good.

7. Cut your rolled up flaky pastry into 12 slices.
8. Form 12 little flat circles...
9. and put them into the muffin pans

10. Add the filling...
11. so you get 12 natas
12. ... so you can bake them by 220-240° C for 15-20 minutes.

Me with a original Nata + a Galao looking silly with wind-blown hair^^
Mhmmm... so next time you enjoy your Galao (aka something like a Latte) you should eat some of these... and you should be prepared for the fight about the last nata...

Friday, 6 July 2012

The great sides of blogging

Yes, I always knew, that there are pretty privileged bloggers being always invited to amazing events. But they have mainly bigger and more well-known blogs than this tiny one. So when the German fashion magazine Brigitte looked for 10 fashion blogger (am I really a fashion blogger...???) I applied thinking "Why not? A "No" won't hurt!". And then the most amazing thing happened, they invited me to Hamburg for a photoshoot for their magazine and website. You should have seen my happy dance.

Therefore I endured 4 hours train each way and visited Hamburg on Monday and Tuesday. Being on a photoshoot and feeling like a model was not only the answer to some girly dreams, even more I met really nice people and ate too much good food...^^ But let the pictures (and my corresponding comments) speak.

 Me leaving for Hamburg without any make-up (as wanted from Brigitte), therefore sunglasses... know the leggings? And since the train left at 8.10 from the central station I couldn't be bothered to have breakfast at home, but I got a few jealous stares for my Latte Macciatto, my egg/tomato/basil bread roll and some Portuguese custard buns aka Natas... recipe coming!

 And after the train ride I arrived in Hamurg. Proof No. 1: The beautiful town hall and proof No. 2 the elephant at the Brahmskontor. Plus a view into the backyard where the flat alias the location was located (where the ol-fashioned windows are)

There you got some images from the location... I loved the combination of minimalism, Vintage and little details. Would move there any minute.

And now the white screen from the shooting going well with the decoration of the flat, our awesome make-up artist Mark (who is an awesome laughing machine...) and last but not least the dear Lois ( we all failed saying her name 100 % correctly...), another blogger and my great shooting partner.

And since it was a fashion and shoe shooting: Clothes! All the awesome pieces from the A/W 2012/13 collection. Plus a view on the toilet, which was awkwardly located in the living room/ kitchen...

All in all I wanted to thank the whole Brigitte and StyleNotes team, especially Veronika for the chance of being featured in a big magazine and the amazing day.
And of course I will inform you all when the photos are published^^

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quite a sad anouncement

Sooo guys... as you probably noticed there was no post last Tuesday written by Michelle plus me, Esther, is posting today. And this has a sad reason: My dear blog-partner Michelle has left us.
Trying to keep up regular posts every week is quite time consuming and you already encountered some delays due to things like final exams, festivals or other private things, but in Michelle's case right now working on new projects for the blog is just too much since she wants to collect some work experiences during the summer. Furthermore we both want to start university in autumn, which does not only mean that many exciting things are happening but also we will be moving to two different cities.

So this post is dedicated to thanking Michelle for five awesome months of blogging, drinking coffee, eating muesli and creating stuff. I want to say a huge "Thank you" for being the last kick-off for even starting a blog and for filling it with your own ideas. It was an amazing time and I wish you the very best.

And now you are stuck with me. I hope this does not end up with you all leaving since I am certainly planning on keeping this blog alive, even though the next few posts will be not too tutorial based because it's holiday time! Lisboa I'm coming...^^

See you soon