Saturday, 28 July 2012

DIY: Waiting for the stars... Galaxy pants

... and for weather to wear this project. It seems like one big curse. The moment I did my D&G inspired skirt sun was a rarely seen thing and right now after doing this project summer has finally decided to show up with all the heat it could offer. But since all the magazines already started to show the upcoming autumn collection: Why not do some project for that time... ? In addition to that summer never lasts long in Germany.
But lets talk about the actual tutorial. Galaxy. I'm telling you no news by saying that apparently the whole fashion world is obsessed with this pattern. It hit me quite late, since most of the tutorials do consist of of brighter colors, especially pink... a color I cannot stand and therefore I was never really interested. But as the universe is endless there are hopefully some darker spots.

Turban: Vintage store in Brighton; Shirt: Thrifted, Vintage; Collar tips: Monki
Before we actually start: The colors do not show up perfectly on camera... there is actually more pattern in real life, even though using fabric paint will actually bring forward a quite muted result. I saw many tutorials using acrylic paint... but mine are washable!

What we need:
1 pair of black pants... I used a pair with a faded black I would normally not wear anymore

bleach + a spray bottle
fabric color in dark blue, red and white.. when you want to cover bleach marks on the inside: black
duct tape
a sponge
an old toothbrush
some paper to prepare the ground
palette or something like that

1. I put my pants on the newspaper covered ground... good thing about the weather: I was able to work outside.
2. To prevent zippers, buttons etc. from being sprayed on I covered them with duct tape.
3. I mixed 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach in my spray bottle and started applying it on the fabric trying to create several concentrated center. It's better you let it dry several times before you overdo the bleach.

4. Then it comes to using the colors. First you see it without, but bleached.
5. I started off using dark blue to add some depth to the black areas.
6. Apply red around the orange areas, use the sponge for all the colors
7. And then its time for white: First you create fogs all over your galaxy, then you mix a tiny bit water and a lot of white to feel like in kindergarten again: Sprinkle all the stars on your pants by pushing back some bristles of your toothbrush and realising them. Add some bigger stars with some pointy object (backside of a brush, a pen).

And that's it. Nothing more to do. And as I said: There is no end to our universe and so you can use nearly any color you want. Just google "galaxy" or "galaxy pants" and you will find enough inspiration to do your very own pair.

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  1. Hi Esther, i love your Blog and the pants. Du schreibst so goldig. Es war schön Dich kennenzulernen. Lieben Gruß, Korinna