Friday, 6 July 2012

The great sides of blogging

Yes, I always knew, that there are pretty privileged bloggers being always invited to amazing events. But they have mainly bigger and more well-known blogs than this tiny one. So when the German fashion magazine Brigitte looked for 10 fashion blogger (am I really a fashion blogger...???) I applied thinking "Why not? A "No" won't hurt!". And then the most amazing thing happened, they invited me to Hamburg for a photoshoot for their magazine and website. You should have seen my happy dance.

Therefore I endured 4 hours train each way and visited Hamburg on Monday and Tuesday. Being on a photoshoot and feeling like a model was not only the answer to some girly dreams, even more I met really nice people and ate too much good food...^^ But let the pictures (and my corresponding comments) speak.

 Me leaving for Hamburg without any make-up (as wanted from Brigitte), therefore sunglasses... know the leggings? And since the train left at 8.10 from the central station I couldn't be bothered to have breakfast at home, but I got a few jealous stares for my Latte Macciatto, my egg/tomato/basil bread roll and some Portuguese custard buns aka Natas... recipe coming!

 And after the train ride I arrived in Hamurg. Proof No. 1: The beautiful town hall and proof No. 2 the elephant at the Brahmskontor. Plus a view into the backyard where the flat alias the location was located (where the ol-fashioned windows are)

There you got some images from the location... I loved the combination of minimalism, Vintage and little details. Would move there any minute.

And now the white screen from the shooting going well with the decoration of the flat, our awesome make-up artist Mark (who is an awesome laughing machine...) and last but not least the dear Lois ( we all failed saying her name 100 % correctly...), another blogger and my great shooting partner.

And since it was a fashion and shoe shooting: Clothes! All the awesome pieces from the A/W 2012/13 collection. Plus a view on the toilet, which was awkwardly located in the living room/ kitchen...

All in all I wanted to thank the whole Brigitte and StyleNotes team, especially Veronika for the chance of being featured in a big magazine and the amazing day.
And of course I will inform you all when the photos are published^^


  1. ach du bist so süß! :)
    Dein Post ist Zucker!
    War echt toll mit dir und ich wünsch dir super viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog und hoffe, dass wir uns nochmal sehen.
    Love Lois xxx

    ps: schickst du mir die Bilder an :D

  2. hier nochmla meine email xD kopier sie doch einfach mit copy and paste :)
    Love!! xxx