Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monthly Favourites: July

Today's post is dedicated to the things I loved during last month. I really enjoy watching videos with the same topic on youtube and therefore decided to put something equivalent on my blog, especially since this gives me the chance to reflect the sustainability of my purchases. So hope you don't mind seeing (again) some things you cannot buy anywhere...

1. Hat from H&M, 5 Euro (Sale): When you are quite lucky, you may find this in your Sale section, even though I rarely saw this one anywhere. I loves wearing this hat, which more than one person called "The Spanish One".
2. Turban beanie thing from a  Vintage store in Brighton, 5 Pound: You get an better idea of this beanie in my galaxy pant tutorial.... I certainly love the little something this more extravagant beanie adds to any outfit, especially in combination with sun glasses... (not in this outfit because nearly no sun this month)
3. Military style jacket from IKKS, new thrifted, 6 Euro: Best thrift find in a long time, there was even the tag in it... I love the studded shoulder pads and the fact, that no one decided to buy it, since it is supposed to be a children one...
4. Patterned pants from H&M, 9,95 Euro: I believe many people will get them but I couldn't resist when I saw them. Especially since I missed out on the stripped ones H&M had at the beginning of the year.
5. Shirt, Vintage thrifted, 1,50 Euro: Saw it, Loved it, Bought it, Wear it constantly knotted.
6. Red tassel loafers, Seaside (Portugal), 29,95 Euro: The fashion victim I am had to buy these after looking quite a long time for loafers. But since I am a size 34 - 35 I had to travel to Portugal to find them.
7. The best (German) DIY magazine, CUT, 9,50: Bad luck for all of you living somewhere else, the newest issue of CUT is as amazing as all the others. Even though it is quite expensive, this magazine is worth it and published only twice a year.
8. Moleskine cookbook, present: Moving out for university does also mean leaving behind my Mum's awesome cooking, so I am currently writing down the "Best OF" of the past years.
9. Mandarina Duck Hera Bag, thrifted 9 Euro: I always loved this brand even as a 5 year old... not because of the designs, but the duck they had in their logo. Yes, I am easily convinced. Grownup as I am I do not really like many of their bags, but the whole Hera line is certainly beautiful.

And that are all my loved ones this month... What did you use on general basis?

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  1. Hallo Esther, da haste ja wieder mal coole sachen ausgesucht!! Die gefallen mir!!! Die CUT finde ich auch großartig! Ich hab gerade meinen Bericht über das Café online gestellt. Da ist auch ein Bildchen von Dir dabei.
    Ich hoffe bis ganz bald, liebe Grüße, Korinna