Friday, 20 July 2012

OUTFIT + DIY: (A)Symmetrical skirt

Leather jacket: bought in China ( for 15 Euro, yay!); Crop shirt: Zara, altered by me
Shoes: Seaside, Potugal; Tights: Rossmann; Hera Bag by Mandarina Duck (thrifted);Rings: Vintage, 70ies by Mum/Aunt;Hat: H&M sale;Necklace: Vintage by Grandmother

I am in love with the whole asymmetrical hemline. It doesn't matter if it is more flowy and feminine like in case of vokuhila skirts or really geometric and exact as this amazing skirt VeeVeeVouge wore here (Still thinking wether to do or not to do this one too)... And therefore it screamed DIY after I again went into my local Ikea and bought another meter of "Ditte", plain black cotton. So enjoy!

What we need:

A good fitting pencil skirt with no stretch ( or just a tiny, tiny bit) OR a pattern
1m x 1,5m fabric ( I used 100% cotton, some polyester/viscose part would be great -> less wrinkles)
a 20cm-zipper

transparent paper + measuring tape
typical sewing stuff including a sewing machine

1. I created my pattern. This was quite easy since the shape of a short pencil skirt is not too exciting. Simply lay your transparent paper on your skirt and trace around it. Add the needed pieces for the asymmetrical hemline and maybe mark the place where the zipper ends so you will not sew too much in step 5.

Important: Watch out for darts, you need to adjust your pattern to them otherwise your bottom will look edgy. And you do not want that!

2. After creating my pattern I pinned the paper to my fabric. I added the needed seam allowance (about 1 cm).
3. You should get one front piece and two back pieces.

4. I trimmed all sides by using a zigzag-stitch to prevent them from fraying.
5. Then I sewed along the bag seam leaving the part for the the zipper open. Iron it.
Important: On the pictures you can see that there is also a slit on the back part, you can or cannot leave this part open at this point. Silly me decided later on and had to open the stitches -.-

6. Of yourse you need to sew along your dart to get one... Iron it so the fold lays towards the middle of the skirt.

7. Sew in your zipper. Not tutorial at this point cause I suck... simply try or hand sew.
8. Since there are a lot of visible edges it not comes to folding, ironing and sewing along them so they look nice and neat.

 9. For the waitsband of your skirt we need again our pattern making skills. Lay your transperent paper on the upper part of your patterns and draw along them.
10. Draw a parallel line about 4 cm away from the line of your waistband line...

11. Just in case my explanation was not enough, I guess you get an idea by sewing it.
12. Sew the pieces together, the open ends being the ones at the middle of the back part (zipper...)

13. I layed my long pice on the outside of my skirt pairing the two upper parts up and then sewing along it.
14. After folding it into the skirt, ironing and sewing along it you got a nice and (more or less) neat waitsband (messed up zipper... argh!)

Aaaand that's it. I know it looks a bit confusing and this is certainly no project for someone who did never sew and/or never made a skirt, but for inspiration purpose and since I love this skirt, I hope you still enjoyed it (at least the outfit?). Thank you for surfing by


  1. I love the outfit and the skirt turned out to look amazing! :)

    p.s. feel free to check out my fashion blog too,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  2. such a good idea to do it by yourself!!

  3. wow. your outfit looks amazing. such a good dye *-* i love dyes.
    now im a new follower <3


    1. Thank you a lot and welcome here! xx