Friday, 13 July 2012

Pasteis de Nata

My parents have been to Lisbon several times and one of the most significant things they mentioned were little egg custard tartes called Pasteis de Nata. And even though I knew since January that my summer destination would be Lisbon I had to try them earlier. I made them first in February and they have become a always welcome snack, not only because they are made quick and with only a few ingredients but also because they taste simply amazing.
So with me being back in Lisbon right now and after (not) eating tons of original Natas I thought I would share at least the self-made ones with you...

What we need:
Find the missing ingredient!
vanilla (real one!!!)
1/16 l milk
1/2 tsp butter
35 g sugar
5 g flour
1/2 roll of  flaky pastry
1 egg

12 mini muffin pans ( the smaller one... obviously)

side note: The original recipe says 24... but since I have only 12 I divided the amounts. In case you want to make the full amount you simply have to add the other half, only that you add only an egg yolk!

1. For the filling start off with putting butter, milk and vanilla in a pot and by adding heat till the mixture boils.
2. In a seperate cup (etc.)  mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar) and add them to the pot after the butter-milk-mixture.
3. Let everything boil for a few minutes, then put the filling aside for at least 30 minutes.

4. Cut the flaky pastry into two halfs
5. Put one half into the freezer while the filling cools down.
6. After the 30 minutes add the egg to the filling and mix everything really good.

7. Cut your rolled up flaky pastry into 12 slices.
8. Form 12 little flat circles...
9. and put them into the muffin pans

10. Add the filling...
11. so you get 12 natas
12. ... so you can bake them by 220-240° C for 15-20 minutes.

Me with a original Nata + a Galao looking silly with wind-blown hair^^
Mhmmm... so next time you enjoy your Galao (aka something like a Latte) you should eat some of these... and you should be prepared for the fight about the last nata...

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