Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quite a sad anouncement

Sooo guys... as you probably noticed there was no post last Tuesday written by Michelle plus me, Esther, is posting today. And this has a sad reason: My dear blog-partner Michelle has left us.
Trying to keep up regular posts every week is quite time consuming and you already encountered some delays due to things like final exams, festivals or other private things, but in Michelle's case right now working on new projects for the blog is just too much since she wants to collect some work experiences during the summer. Furthermore we both want to start university in autumn, which does not only mean that many exciting things are happening but also we will be moving to two different cities.

So this post is dedicated to thanking Michelle for five awesome months of blogging, drinking coffee, eating muesli and creating stuff. I want to say a huge "Thank you" for being the last kick-off for even starting a blog and for filling it with your own ideas. It was an amazing time and I wish you the very best.

And now you are stuck with me. I hope this does not end up with you all leaving since I am certainly planning on keeping this blog alive, even though the next few posts will be not too tutorial based because it's holiday time! Lisboa I'm coming...^^

See you soon

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