Friday, 31 August 2012

How about a movie night?

I've been pretty bad this week. I do not know what hit me, but I could not be bothered to do anything, so I decided to focus on another topic as usual this Friday. It's actually gonna be something I can talk about for ages, so it is likely to happen that I will dedicate another post to it. I'm talking of movies. Even though I have a strange taste of movies and often find a lot of things to criticize them, I do love going into the cinema, for me there is no better way to spend an evening out (not the big partier there). 
So today I got three movies for you, that are not exactly representing my general movie interest (as in loving drama with background like historical one), but still somehow fit into it... you'll see.

Memento directed by Christopher Nolan, 2000 USA:
This is one of the older movies of Christopher Nolan, the guy made movies like the new Batman one I didn't see and Inception. I did not like his interpretation in "The Dark Knight", but luckily this movie is more like Inception. It's hard to tell much about the whole movie, because I am afraid to give away too much, but lets say this is probably the most intelligent action movie I have ever seen. Normally I am not the big action fan, but Nolan is able to put the viewer pefectly into the protagonist's situation, but not by simply using a over-the-shoulder-cam, but by the way the whole movie is set and cut. This one is perfect for people who had no problems understanding Inception with all its different "levels", even though you should probably  not watch it, when you are really tiered or not in the mood to think.
Oh, and when you watch the trailer you should be aware that it gives away a lot as in spoilering. Don't be too curious.

Grave of the fireflies directed by Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli 1988 Japan:
I am a huge fan of all the Studio Ghibli movies (Princess Monoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away) and had my problem chosing one to recommend to you. In the end I decided on this one because this movie does not target that much children as the other movies, but teenagers. It's based on the autobiographical novel of Akiyuki Nosaka and tells the stories of two sibblings in Japan during the End of World War II.
This movie combines the magic of other Studio Ghibli with the serious and depressing topic evolving around the war-generation. Don't be put off by the fact that this is an animated movie and better bring tissues when watching it. You can find the whole movie on youtube in Japanese with English subtitles...

The Crow directed by Alex Proyas, 1994 USA
Seen from today's perspective there is nothing really special about the movie itself: Neither animation nor Storyline are something amzingly new, but still the movie is able to create a certain atmosphere. This is thanks to the fact that the actor of the protagonist Eric Draven, Brandon Lee (son of the famous Bruce Lee) died during the shooting of the movie. He was shot in the breast by accident and died in the hospital. This fact in combination with the knowledge that not only Brandon Lee but also his movie alter ego Eric Draven both died shortly before their wedding awakes emotions who will lead to liking this movie even though it is in itself nothing that special.
To summerize the story shortly: After he and his girlfriend are murdered brutally Eric Draven returns from the dead to take revenge, while his new-gained life is linked to the life of a crow, giving the movie its name...
And yes, I know how crappy the trailer looks.

So when your weather is as bad as mine you should spend an evening at home watching these... and I am actually surprised by myself how gloomy my choice is, probably just reflecting the rain and my mood thanks to it.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


It's the end of August... got that feeling the time flew by, especially since we had at least some summer days. Probably just laying in the garden did kill time pretty good... 

 1. Book, "Fashion", Taschen, 12,50  € (was a special deal in my local book shop): Yes, I love the books from Taschen, this one does reflect the fashion from the 18th to 20th century in amazing pictures, so when I need any inspiration I look through it. And the price... was amazing.
2. White Ginger, Eau de Toilette, H&M, 4,95 €: I love ginger, especially in the summer and in Asian food. One of the best parts of eating it, is cutting it, because it will leave its amazing smell on your hands. But finding a perfume smelling like ginger was pretty hard, so when I saw this at H&M, I had to get it... And yes, it does not last forever and all, but hey, just reapply
3. Grey vest, Share Female, bought at the markets, 6 €: Yes, I buy a lot of my clothes on markets, whether it is second hand or new... this vest was new and I found it in the spring sale. And especially with a tank top it is able to spice up a pretty plain outfit.
4. Black belt with metal details (bigger picture below), vintage, 2 €: What to say... this is the belt I throw on anything, because it is edgy and reminds me of spiked belts, but will never look tacky.
5. Fruit shirt, Backstage, market, 10 € (detail below): I loved the black and white fruit details, they look kind of Italian and just like a fun print for the summer, even though this shirt is quite big for. Phew. Just tugged it into my shorts.
6. Yogurt popsicles: There are many things to make your own popsicles and I love them. So before yogurt gets to old I freeze it, so I have a nice and healthy snack when the sun comes out.
7. Silver ring, Vintage (detail shot below): My grandmother wore this ring in the 70s and handed this ring to me. I love it. It reminds me of the see and don't ask my why but also of the YSL artsy ring... but better
8. Song: The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone (video linked below): This one is not actually a August, but more a June/July favorite, but by writing this post I just started to listen to it again. This one has a history. When I went to Rock am Ring this year, I saw Metallica being all great on stage. And as they always do they played this theme song from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". I never payed attention to it while listening to Metallica, because it is a live version on the album, but after knowing the atmosphere during the act and also after listening to the original I became addicted.

And what were your favorites?

Friday, 24 August 2012

DIY: The ultimate skirt pattern

I have to admit it: This summer I am officially addicted to skirts... at least to sewing them. Mostly because I did ever own many skirts and with the whole highlow-hem aka the vokuhila skirt (love the latter name) it did hit me. With being only 152 cm  pulling off a longer skirt is not that easy without looking like a midget, so this summer's skirt trend allowed me to have some more fabric involved on my skirts.

So just in case your skirt craving is still existing (mine is definite... one more skirt to go this summer) and you want to make one pretty quick an easy, here is my way to an ultimate one. Plus you will be able to sew the whole thing in under two hours (even I did, and I love to do 100 things while sewing).
And yes, I made a vokuhila skirt, because ...uhm... I own only like two, so a third one had to come. And I loved the fabric and it was just perfect. Excuses, I know.

Note: you will have to cope with my drawings, my sewing machine was broken and gone for about 5 weeks and I wanted to at least prepare something. And yes... scanning went kind of wrong...

What we need:

fabric, should be quite light, size depending on your wanted hemline, I used 1m x 1,3 m

fabric scissors
measure tape
elastic band

Our pattern:

This is the important part... and the basis for whatever hemline or length you are planning. You mainly have to think about three measurements:
1. The perimeter of you hips divided by two (since you will create two pieces... adds up) plus at least 5 cm, so it will slip easily over them even after sewing both pieces together. When you want your skirt to be less form-fitting add some more extra centimeter.
2. Take your first measurement and add at least 10 cm, so you will be able to make at least tiny steps. When you hemline does not create that much more space as in case of the vokuhila you should probably add 15 - 20 cm per piece.
3. Now you will have to think about the length your skirt should be. In case you are going to create an asymmetrical hemline: Use the longest part as reference. It the easiest when you hold a measure tape to your waist. Add 7 cm to the measured length ( 5 cm for the tunnel at your waist, 2 cm for the seam allowance)

After marking all your spots you can connect them for your pattern. Since I wanted it quite fitting in the upper part I drew line 3 as pictured...

Putting it together:

1. Sew along the seams.

2. After using a zig-zag stitch at the edge to prevent the fabric from fraying I folded the tunnel as pictured and sewed along it, leaving a 5 cm gap for putting the elastic band in.
3. Insert the elastic in your tunnel, you can use an safety pin so you will have something to hold onto. Sew the two ends of the band together. Close the gap.

Create your hemline:

Until now you should have decided how your desired hemline is supposed to look. In case you want a straight hem: You can skip the whole process of cutting.

For the others: Put your skirt on, this way you can exactly see how the skirt falls. Use your chalk to mark the hemline, you might want an assistant so you can stand straight. Cut off all the spare fabric leaving at least 1,5 cm for seam allowance (just realized, that I said 2 cm earlier... but its better to have too much).
After hemming all the edges with your zig zag stitch you fold the hems similar than in the case of the tunnel, but smaller and sew all along your hemline, whether it is straight or different.

Tadaaa... you got another skirt. Check out larger fabric stores right now, because they normally throw out their summer fabrics just now, so you should be able to make some bargains (I paid 2,50 Euro for my fabric ...)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

OUTFITs: Hey, Mr. Lagerfeld

Ebay and me are kind of best friends. Where else can you find real bargains. Yes, I know it got harder there during the years (thanks to people manipulating the prices..) and often the costs for packaging and postage are outweighing the saved money, but still: You can find bargains.
Karl Lagerfeld is a name nearly everyone knows (except in areas without TV and/or internet) and co-incidentally he is also one of my favorite designers. Just imagine my face when I won an auction for a 70s (and therefore Vintage) lady's suit consisting out of a blazer and a long skirt made out of velvet. All this designed by Karl Lagerfeld and for 21 Euro. So this post is dedicated to three outfits I styled with it, even though I am aware of the fact you cannot redo the buy you will maybe/possibly have some similar business-related pieces in your wardrobes...

Outfit 1: The business look starring Skirt and Blazer
Shirt: Vintage, my Mum's; Heels: present, Greece; Bag: Mandarina Duck, thrifted
This look is pretty illusory, neither am I working in an office nor I think I look good in these combination. It is too much and it swallows my appearance, so yeah: Not wearing this. But those are the two pieces together...

Outfit 2: The daytime appropriate look starring the skirt
Top: thrifted; Shoes: Tk Maxx; Glasses: Asos; Bag: Fashion Blogger Cafe; Necklace: Street seller from isbon
The casual summer version of the look, I am aware of the fact that the whole high heel thing kind of destroys it, but a midget like me should not wear a midi skirt without at least adding at least some extra centimeter to the look. Plus these shoes are also amazingly comfy. I tried to pair the strictness of the skirt with the cute and flirty lace, the bag just underlines the whole casual situation. I believe you could walk down the streets without feeling completely overdressed. 

Outfit 3: Clashing styles starring grunge vibe and the blazer
Hat: H&M; Shirt: Vintage, thrifted; Tights: Dm; Shoes: Children's Doc Martens from ebay; Clutch: selfmade
This is my absolute favorite look, simply because I am not only in love with hats, but also with Doc Martens. No, but seriously, I am a big fan of the idea of clashing styles as a nice blazer and hat with more grungy items as Docs and an oversized shirt. I believe you could meet me wearing this combination all autumn long...

PS: The 18+ ribbon from Gamescom is optional xP

Hopefully you understand my love towards ebay... and do not loose your patience by browsing through sides, I tried many time an often enough prices went crazy. On the other hand: Finding something similar should not be to hard in a thrift store or at a flea market.

Friday, 17 August 2012

DIY: Lady in black... trinangle cut-out shirt

Lately I am really into black, at least when I go in a store I am drawn to all the black pieces. I guess this is mainly due to the fact that I work over the summer and the dress code at work simply requires black clothing. So there you got the reason for my preference these days. And since black is a pretty plain color, it is all about the details. Bad luck for me because most of my black pieces date back from the time I wasn't really into fashion and stuff, therefore not too many details.
The too obvious and easy solution: Let's just add the needed something!

Some of might recognize the black shirt, yes, it's the one I thrifted a few weeks ago, because I am really bad with cutting up stuff I already own and for 50 cent it was a complete bargain. And yes, I added triangle cut-outs, a shape I currently really love and yes, I am aware that I was probably influenced by the whole "You are so hipster!- Oh no, I am totally not a hipster" discussion, that is quite annoying, but I tend to ignore it and wear the stuff anyway.
The tutorial is pretty simple I believe you do not really need it, but here it is anyway!

What we need:
a black shirt, it should fit you loosly and have a high neckline
fabric scissors, the sharper the better
in case you are using templates: paper scissors
for templates: squared paper and carton
fabric chalk

1. I started off with templates, I started of with the squared paper and traced it then on carton since I do not trust in my geometric triangle.
2. Then I traced my pattern on the fabric... I did this on the inside not only to avoid any traces of chalk, but also to keep the seam existent, so it would at least look a little bit neat after cutting it.
3. Cut your cut-out details with sharp (!!!) fabric scissors.
4. Continue adding shapes like this detail on the back.
5. When your t-shirt is as baggy as mine: crop it and roll up the sleeves.

And that's it: A hipster-worthy, work appropriate shirt is ready to be worn by the lady in black

Friday, 10 August 2012

VISIT: Lisboa, Lissabon, Lisbon...

Summer in Germany is not too pleasing this year. It's even that bad, that one could get seriously depressed over it. Even though I just overstated the whole situation, I am quite happy that I was able to spend at least a week in the sun. And yes, people who visited this blog more than once before will probably already guessed what I am writing about today: I will share my favorites spots and tips evolving around Lisbon with you.
And even when you did not plan to visit Lisbon... you should read on since this is a place you should definitely want to visit.

A tile decorated house
Golden Gate bridge?
Lisbon is not only a city with really nice weather but was also built on supposedly seven hills (seeing the connection to Rome...?), which gives the city its face. You will find many small streets and find yourself walking a street up just to find out that your effort was senseless since you have to walk all the way  down again once you went around the corner. So besides the leg training the whole city looks partially more than a village than the capital it is. At least as long you do not look at the house fronts too closely since many of them are covered in beautiful tiles showing flowers and Arabic inspired patterns. The latter is easily explainable: Portugal is quite close to the African continent and when the Moors came to Spain and Portugal a really long time ago they did not only shape the Portuguese language but also brought their lifestyle and architecture. By the way, the Arabic influence on the language will prevent you from understanding a word and you will never get the names of the sights right, but most of the people are used to that and they speak a pretty good English.
In addition to that Lisbon offers quite a good copy of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.. just bigger and with nicer decoration... Oh, and less suicides.

Sightseeing + Tips
I guess nearly every bigger city has them already: Free tours. And I am a big fan of them because when you do not really know the city just then they give you an overview and normally the guides work on tip basis, so you can decide how much money you want to spend. Plus normally especially young people take part since they advertise them especially in (youth) hostels. So we did the Free Walking tour at our first day seeing really nice parts of the city. They start (right now..) at about 10.30 at Rossio, but Portuguese people and timeliness ain't the best friends, so turning up at 10.45 should be early enough.
Another way of doing sort of a round trip is catching the infamous tram line 28, going up Castello and to the beautiful Estrela park.
 When you want to see the city in its panorama look out for some so called "Miradouro"s, places with a "beautiful view"... and maybe you will be able to spot the Golden Gate bridge fake. Go there when the sun is going down, the atmosphere is great, but bring your own drinks to the ones in fancier parts of the city because the bars there have horrendous prices.
So after doing all these sort of things you will know at least a bit of the city itself... but that is not everything: You can do quite nice trips around the city. Firstly there is Belem, mostly famous of its Natas and the fact that this was the harbor where explorers as Vasco da Gama did depart for the unknown sea, here you find a lot of museums and sights and even though it is packed on Sundays you should try and get there till 2 pm because this will save you some money since all the public museums are free on this day.
When you look at a map you will see that Lisbon is quite close to the sea, but to spot water besides the river Tejo you will have to go on a 30 minute train ride and hit the beach at Estoril or Cascais. Many people advised us to get off at Estoril and simply walk along the promenade so we were able to find the perfect spot and it was quite beautiful there.

Sintra is up in the mountains and was the holiday residence of the royal family. Therefore on the top of the mountain around Sintra you find a Disney-looking castle, but the entrance fee was too high for someone not even liking the whole design style, so we went to the  Palacio Nacional, the building with the massive smokestacks, not the worst swap.
But one of my absolute favorite was the MUDE right in the center of Lisbon, the museum of designs and fashion. Even though they planned a overloaded building after the restoration the money ran out and therefore it has its very special atmosphere with bare walls. Plus the entrance is free and you find great exhibitions.

Feira de Lada
Of course you will find the typical stores in the very city around Rossio, but two of these typical sites caught my attention. Firstly Zara. Zara is a Spanish brand and it seems like they have special prices in Spain and Portugal, so make sure you go there and enjoy yourself. But my absolute love goes to Seaside. For most of you nothing more than a normal shop with shoes, for me paradise because I am a size 34 to 35 and cannot find shoes anywhere, but there. I left with three pair of really affordable leather shoes, one of them being my beloved pair of red loafers...

What I love even more in most of the cities are the markets, I try to find some everywhere and after finding a few not so good ones I enjoyed the Feira de Lada, taking part up at the Campo de Santa Clara every Tuesday and Saturday, offering clothing and other stuff. We went also to the LX markets, a newer event in Lisbon. It was not as good as expected, but there were some nice cafés and we combined our visit with Belem. They take part very Saturday and Sunday in Alcantara.

Overall Lisbon is a great city for fish and meat lovers. The fish is really fresh since it is close to the sea and the people love a good piece of meat. I was really thankful we had a kitchen in our hostel, because the few restaurants offering at least something vegetarian were the really touristic one I wasn't too keen on visiting. 

A real Nata... with cinnamon.. nomnom
There is one vegetarian restaurant in the city we tried, the Jardim de Sentidos, but the food there was not too exciting and for that quite expensive, so don't go there.
During lunch time it was easier to find something, you should go (whether veggie or not) into the Pastelarias, a kind of bakery offering also salty snacks, which are sometimes even filled with vegetables. Only vegetables.
When you want an actual hot meal go and check out the arco iris (Rua de S. José, 95), even though we did not understand a word, the food was amazing, so its worth the walk.

So just in case you get the chance to visit Lisbon: Go there, it was great there and I enjoyed the stay. Plus it is really affordable to young people (poor country... Euro crisis *cough*) and they have the best hostels in the world. And of course they got the Golden Gate bridge...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Bleached Denim thanks to Fashion Blogger Cafe!

I had the chance to take part at the first Fashion Blogger Café FleetMeet in Düsseldorf last Saturday, an event that came from a similar one during Berlin Fashion Week that wants to connect bloggers with each other... So this post is dedicated to sharing my experience with you, BUT I wouldn't be me without also having a little DIY for you. So stay tuned till the end.

The whole event took part during the trade fair "The gallery", which is quite exclusive and therefore I felt quite young and unexperienced after arriving early. But the moment I reached the wooden platform in the middle of the inner yard it was all fine since there were about 50 (+/-) blogger surrounding me (and not potential collection buyer). Next awkward situation: I knew no one since I am less fashion blogger and more into the (english-speaking) DIY ones, but after a few minutes without someone I had a great time talking to Keno and Michael from Maison Kelmd and Nicole from Kreativfabrik (the latter is not a blog yet).
I know, Keno is not the most common name ever.. I thought so too and remembered that I met a Keno once when I was about eleven and at a youth camp. Turns out that this Keno is now an international model and was standing right in front of me.
The second pleasant surprise took part when I was waiting for the train to arrive to. Korinna from golden cage approached me and we had quite a lot of fun during the whole (long) train ride (due to an emergency) by discussing the way some girls wear their bags and the effect on guy's thoughts (Thanks to the male judge sitting across approving our assumptions xP)

So all in all it was quite a nice event (with even nicer cupcakes) and even though I missed some kind of speed dating so I would have been able to meet more new people, I enjoyed being there and look forward to the expansion to Hamburg...

As it is with events sponsored by someone we all left not only with a spare cupcake but also with a goody back, consisting of some nice things like my first essie nail polish ever. But I liked the bag even more since it was sponsored by Review, the jeans brand, so it was not only a cool slogan printed on it, no, it was also made out of denim.
A denim bag meant to me the possibility of finally trying the whole bleached denim and ombre effect, so I gathered my things and created the following (Obviously you can do this do anything denim...)

What we need:

something denim
decolorizer that can be used in a bucket
1-2 bucket(s)

1. Heat some water till it reaches the temperature your decolorizer suggests to you.
2. Mix the needed amount of water and decolorizer in your bucket.
3. Hang the the wanted parts of the wet (!) fabric into the mixture. I tried to spare as much of the writing as possible: This was a good idea, because the decolorizer attacked the color pretty badly, especially on the bag (where the label "Review" was mentioned...)
After about: 15 minutes you pull 1/3 of the decolorized fabric out of the water and after another 15 minutes the next third. Wait again 15 minutes.

4. To get a really white bottom I used a 1:2 bleach/water-mixture, which I let work for about 20 minutes.
5. After hand washing the fabric I let it dry.
6. The finished product... sadly the ombre effect did not really turn up, even though the bag was wet... but still flash made the edges sharper, so it's not thaaat bad. And I love the slogan (btw. the writing is neon... my camera failed^^)

That's from me for this week. Hope the tutorial was quite helpful after talking about cool event I was able to attend...