Friday, 3 August 2012

Bleached Denim thanks to Fashion Blogger Cafe!

I had the chance to take part at the first Fashion Blogger Café FleetMeet in Düsseldorf last Saturday, an event that came from a similar one during Berlin Fashion Week that wants to connect bloggers with each other... So this post is dedicated to sharing my experience with you, BUT I wouldn't be me without also having a little DIY for you. So stay tuned till the end.

The whole event took part during the trade fair "The gallery", which is quite exclusive and therefore I felt quite young and unexperienced after arriving early. But the moment I reached the wooden platform in the middle of the inner yard it was all fine since there were about 50 (+/-) blogger surrounding me (and not potential collection buyer). Next awkward situation: I knew no one since I am less fashion blogger and more into the (english-speaking) DIY ones, but after a few minutes without someone I had a great time talking to Keno and Michael from Maison Kelmd and Nicole from Kreativfabrik (the latter is not a blog yet).
I know, Keno is not the most common name ever.. I thought so too and remembered that I met a Keno once when I was about eleven and at a youth camp. Turns out that this Keno is now an international model and was standing right in front of me.
The second pleasant surprise took part when I was waiting for the train to arrive to. Korinna from golden cage approached me and we had quite a lot of fun during the whole (long) train ride (due to an emergency) by discussing the way some girls wear their bags and the effect on guy's thoughts (Thanks to the male judge sitting across approving our assumptions xP)

So all in all it was quite a nice event (with even nicer cupcakes) and even though I missed some kind of speed dating so I would have been able to meet more new people, I enjoyed being there and look forward to the expansion to Hamburg...

As it is with events sponsored by someone we all left not only with a spare cupcake but also with a goody back, consisting of some nice things like my first essie nail polish ever. But I liked the bag even more since it was sponsored by Review, the jeans brand, so it was not only a cool slogan printed on it, no, it was also made out of denim.
A denim bag meant to me the possibility of finally trying the whole bleached denim and ombre effect, so I gathered my things and created the following (Obviously you can do this do anything denim...)

What we need:

something denim
decolorizer that can be used in a bucket
1-2 bucket(s)

1. Heat some water till it reaches the temperature your decolorizer suggests to you.
2. Mix the needed amount of water and decolorizer in your bucket.
3. Hang the the wanted parts of the wet (!) fabric into the mixture. I tried to spare as much of the writing as possible: This was a good idea, because the decolorizer attacked the color pretty badly, especially on the bag (where the label "Review" was mentioned...)
After about: 15 minutes you pull 1/3 of the decolorized fabric out of the water and after another 15 minutes the next third. Wait again 15 minutes.

4. To get a really white bottom I used a 1:2 bleach/water-mixture, which I let work for about 20 minutes.
5. After hand washing the fabric I let it dry.
6. The finished product... sadly the ombre effect did not really turn up, even though the bag was wet... but still flash made the edges sharper, so it's not thaaat bad. And I love the slogan (btw. the writing is neon... my camera failed^^)

That's from me for this week. Hope the tutorial was quite helpful after talking about cool event I was able to attend...


  1. Hey Esther, ist doch ganz gut geworden. Ich hoffe Du hast nicht zu viel Chlor eingeatmet, beim bleichen ;)Bin gespannt auf dein nächstes Projekt!
    Schönen Sonntag noch!! Ach ich teile mal deinen Post auf meiner facebookseite, o.k.!?
    Liebe Grüße, Korinna

    1. Du bist so ein Schatz... ich weiß gar nicht wie ich die anständig danken soll.
      Und nein, bis im Falle meines Nagellacks ist kein größerer Schaden angerichtet worden xP