Friday, 17 August 2012

DIY: Lady in black... trinangle cut-out shirt

Lately I am really into black, at least when I go in a store I am drawn to all the black pieces. I guess this is mainly due to the fact that I work over the summer and the dress code at work simply requires black clothing. So there you got the reason for my preference these days. And since black is a pretty plain color, it is all about the details. Bad luck for me because most of my black pieces date back from the time I wasn't really into fashion and stuff, therefore not too many details.
The too obvious and easy solution: Let's just add the needed something!

Some of might recognize the black shirt, yes, it's the one I thrifted a few weeks ago, because I am really bad with cutting up stuff I already own and for 50 cent it was a complete bargain. And yes, I added triangle cut-outs, a shape I currently really love and yes, I am aware that I was probably influenced by the whole "You are so hipster!- Oh no, I am totally not a hipster" discussion, that is quite annoying, but I tend to ignore it and wear the stuff anyway.
The tutorial is pretty simple I believe you do not really need it, but here it is anyway!

What we need:
a black shirt, it should fit you loosly and have a high neckline
fabric scissors, the sharper the better
in case you are using templates: paper scissors
for templates: squared paper and carton
fabric chalk

1. I started off with templates, I started of with the squared paper and traced it then on carton since I do not trust in my geometric triangle.
2. Then I traced my pattern on the fabric... I did this on the inside not only to avoid any traces of chalk, but also to keep the seam existent, so it would at least look a little bit neat after cutting it.
3. Cut your cut-out details with sharp (!!!) fabric scissors.
4. Continue adding shapes like this detail on the back.
5. When your t-shirt is as baggy as mine: crop it and roll up the sleeves.

And that's it: A hipster-worthy, work appropriate shirt is ready to be worn by the lady in black

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