Tuesday, 28 August 2012


It's the end of August... got that feeling the time flew by, especially since we had at least some summer days. Probably just laying in the garden did kill time pretty good... 

 1. Book, "Fashion", Taschen, 12,50  € (was a special deal in my local book shop): Yes, I love the books from Taschen, this one does reflect the fashion from the 18th to 20th century in amazing pictures, so when I need any inspiration I look through it. And the price... was amazing.
2. White Ginger, Eau de Toilette, H&M, 4,95 €: I love ginger, especially in the summer and in Asian food. One of the best parts of eating it, is cutting it, because it will leave its amazing smell on your hands. But finding a perfume smelling like ginger was pretty hard, so when I saw this at H&M, I had to get it... And yes, it does not last forever and all, but hey, just reapply
3. Grey vest, Share Female, bought at the markets, 6 €: Yes, I buy a lot of my clothes on markets, whether it is second hand or new... this vest was new and I found it in the spring sale. And especially with a tank top it is able to spice up a pretty plain outfit.
4. Black belt with metal details (bigger picture below), vintage, 2 €: What to say... this is the belt I throw on anything, because it is edgy and reminds me of spiked belts, but will never look tacky.
5. Fruit shirt, Backstage, market, 10 € (detail below): I loved the black and white fruit details, they look kind of Italian and just like a fun print for the summer, even though this shirt is quite big for. Phew. Just tugged it into my shorts.
6. Yogurt popsicles: There are many things to make your own popsicles and I love them. So before yogurt gets to old I freeze it, so I have a nice and healthy snack when the sun comes out.
7. Silver ring, Vintage (detail shot below): My grandmother wore this ring in the 70s and handed this ring to me. I love it. It reminds me of the see and don't ask my why but also of the YSL artsy ring... but better
8. Song: The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone (video linked below): This one is not actually a August, but more a June/July favorite, but by writing this post I just started to listen to it again. This one has a history. When I went to Rock am Ring this year, I saw Metallica being all great on stage. And as they always do they played this theme song from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". I never payed attention to it while listening to Metallica, because it is a live version on the album, but after knowing the atmosphere during the act and also after listening to the original I became addicted.

And what were your favorites?

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