Friday, 31 August 2012

How about a movie night?

I've been pretty bad this week. I do not know what hit me, but I could not be bothered to do anything, so I decided to focus on another topic as usual this Friday. It's actually gonna be something I can talk about for ages, so it is likely to happen that I will dedicate another post to it. I'm talking of movies. Even though I have a strange taste of movies and often find a lot of things to criticize them, I do love going into the cinema, for me there is no better way to spend an evening out (not the big partier there). 
So today I got three movies for you, that are not exactly representing my general movie interest (as in loving drama with background like historical one), but still somehow fit into it... you'll see.

Memento directed by Christopher Nolan, 2000 USA:
This is one of the older movies of Christopher Nolan, the guy made movies like the new Batman one I didn't see and Inception. I did not like his interpretation in "The Dark Knight", but luckily this movie is more like Inception. It's hard to tell much about the whole movie, because I am afraid to give away too much, but lets say this is probably the most intelligent action movie I have ever seen. Normally I am not the big action fan, but Nolan is able to put the viewer pefectly into the protagonist's situation, but not by simply using a over-the-shoulder-cam, but by the way the whole movie is set and cut. This one is perfect for people who had no problems understanding Inception with all its different "levels", even though you should probably  not watch it, when you are really tiered or not in the mood to think.
Oh, and when you watch the trailer you should be aware that it gives away a lot as in spoilering. Don't be too curious.

Grave of the fireflies directed by Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli 1988 Japan:
I am a huge fan of all the Studio Ghibli movies (Princess Monoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away) and had my problem chosing one to recommend to you. In the end I decided on this one because this movie does not target that much children as the other movies, but teenagers. It's based on the autobiographical novel of Akiyuki Nosaka and tells the stories of two sibblings in Japan during the End of World War II.
This movie combines the magic of other Studio Ghibli with the serious and depressing topic evolving around the war-generation. Don't be put off by the fact that this is an animated movie and better bring tissues when watching it. You can find the whole movie on youtube in Japanese with English subtitles...

The Crow directed by Alex Proyas, 1994 USA
Seen from today's perspective there is nothing really special about the movie itself: Neither animation nor Storyline are something amzingly new, but still the movie is able to create a certain atmosphere. This is thanks to the fact that the actor of the protagonist Eric Draven, Brandon Lee (son of the famous Bruce Lee) died during the shooting of the movie. He was shot in the breast by accident and died in the hospital. This fact in combination with the knowledge that not only Brandon Lee but also his movie alter ego Eric Draven both died shortly before their wedding awakes emotions who will lead to liking this movie even though it is in itself nothing that special.
To summerize the story shortly: After he and his girlfriend are murdered brutally Eric Draven returns from the dead to take revenge, while his new-gained life is linked to the life of a crow, giving the movie its name...
And yes, I know how crappy the trailer looks.

So when your weather is as bad as mine you should spend an evening at home watching these... and I am actually surprised by myself how gloomy my choice is, probably just reflecting the rain and my mood thanks to it.

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