Tuesday, 21 August 2012

OUTFITs: Hey, Mr. Lagerfeld

Ebay and me are kind of best friends. Where else can you find real bargains. Yes, I know it got harder there during the years (thanks to people manipulating the prices..) and often the costs for packaging and postage are outweighing the saved money, but still: You can find bargains.
Karl Lagerfeld is a name nearly everyone knows (except in areas without TV and/or internet) and co-incidentally he is also one of my favorite designers. Just imagine my face when I won an auction for a 70s (and therefore Vintage) lady's suit consisting out of a blazer and a long skirt made out of velvet. All this designed by Karl Lagerfeld and for 21 Euro. So this post is dedicated to three outfits I styled with it, even though I am aware of the fact you cannot redo the buy you will maybe/possibly have some similar business-related pieces in your wardrobes...

Outfit 1: The business look starring Skirt and Blazer
Shirt: Vintage, my Mum's; Heels: present, Greece; Bag: Mandarina Duck, thrifted
This look is pretty illusory, neither am I working in an office nor I think I look good in these combination. It is too much and it swallows my appearance, so yeah: Not wearing this. But those are the two pieces together...

Outfit 2: The daytime appropriate look starring the skirt
Top: thrifted; Shoes: Tk Maxx; Glasses: Asos; Bag: Fashion Blogger Cafe; Necklace: Street seller from isbon
The casual summer version of the look, I am aware of the fact that the whole high heel thing kind of destroys it, but a midget like me should not wear a midi skirt without at least adding at least some extra centimeter to the look. Plus these shoes are also amazingly comfy. I tried to pair the strictness of the skirt with the cute and flirty lace, the bag just underlines the whole casual situation. I believe you could walk down the streets without feeling completely overdressed. 

Outfit 3: Clashing styles starring grunge vibe and the blazer
Hat: H&M; Shirt: Vintage, thrifted; Tights: Dm; Shoes: Children's Doc Martens from ebay; Clutch: selfmade
This is my absolute favorite look, simply because I am not only in love with hats, but also with Doc Martens. No, but seriously, I am a big fan of the idea of clashing styles as a nice blazer and hat with more grungy items as Docs and an oversized shirt. I believe you could meet me wearing this combination all autumn long...

PS: The 18+ ribbon from Gamescom is optional xP

Hopefully you understand my love towards ebay... and do not loose your patience by browsing through sides, I tried many time an often enough prices went crazy. On the other hand: Finding something similar should not be to hard in a thrift store or at a flea market.

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  1. Hi Esther, voll schön, am besten gefälllt mir Variante 3. Vielleicht treffe ich dich nochmal in diesem Outfit.LG, Kori