Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Chanel inspired bracelet and an easy wrap around one

Note: This post was delayed due to the fact that my camera decided to wreck up the micro SD just when I wanted to post this... so this is kind of an filler during moving for university^^

You've probably all noticed, summer time equals festival time. And since I am happy enough to be at "Rock am Ring" when this post is published I had to find myself jewelery that is not only fitting the rock theme, but also easily replaceable and affordable because I am definitely not taking the real silver accessories I inherited from my family... And what does look better with a festival band than two nice and new bracelets?... I know, nothing.

The "Wrap Around"

This one is pretty easy to recreate, I believe the hardest part about making it is finding the right fastener. Obviously you could simply use some "normal" one like you find them on every cheap bracelet or necklace, but I believe using a more interesting one gives your accessory the certain "something".

What we need:
leather band, about 80 cm - 1,2 m long

your fastener

optional: two closeable eyelets like you use them in jewelery making in case your leather band is too thick fitting through the eyelets on your fastener.

1. Depending on the thickness of your leather strap you will maybe want to have already pulled the band through your fastener before making the loops at the end.
For all the others including me I made my end loops by pushing needle and thread through two pieces of the leather band quite close to each other...
2. So the loop was formed
3. Wrap the thread several times around it, so it will stay like this.
4. Connect your fastener and the loop by using the eyelets and your thongs.

The "Chanel Inspired One"
I have to admit this one was not invented by me but by the blogger from "Honestly WTF (+ her picture tutorial is quite good as an addition to my (crappy) ones). I saw it quite a while ago and fell in love with it, because on the first view the project recreates the Chanel wrapped chain bracelet everyone seems to have this summer, but in the same moment it does use not a chain, but hexnuts...

What we need:
1 m of cord
18 hexnuts

all stuff you need for a decent fastener

The concept of this bracelet is pretty easy.. whilst you braid your cord you are supposed to add a hexnut before crossing another string....

The finished result is supposed to look somehow like this:
The whole problem about this bracelet was the way of closing it. I wasn't the hugest fan of any knot I did come up with, so I simply added a classical fastener...

So its time to go out and get yourself some festival tickets, there is always a band ready to rock you...

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