Friday, 21 September 2012

Fall time is Wiesn time: Hairband DIY

Tomorrow one of Germany's biggest events starts. Even though it is located in the very south, many people think about Germany and the Oktoberfest at the same time. So just around the end of September the shops are filled with Bavaria themed things. I am actually not the biggest fan of the whole festival, like many German people I associate it with beer, drunk people and awful music, but the whole cuteness of the dirndl inspired items actually hit me this year after finding my knitting Jenny just when packing my stuff for moving to Hamburg.
I remember making quite long strings with it in kindergarten, but neither my Mum nor me knew what to do with the finished result except using it as leash for my stuffed toy fox...

What we need:
wool +knitting Jenny = about 1,70 m of knitted string                                                              needle with a large eye                                    patience

1. The whole hairband consists of one braided knitted string... because actually dividing it with scissors can always be risky, I folded it twice, so it was divided into three equally long pieces. After fixing this with a safety pin your are ready to braid.
2. Due to this technique you will probably encounter a little chaos further down, but you can easily loosen that up...
3. Pull your actual end through the loop you get at the very end...
4. and either knot or sew the both ends together!

And you are done..

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