Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Guide to perfect breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thats what nutritionists say and I personally like to go by this rule even though I am not even that hungry in the morning. So on normal daily basis I simply eat a tiny amount of muesli and a huge amount of fruit salad (fruit salad does always work).
But sometimes I do not just want to treat myself, but I also slept long enough to be truly hungry, so having a nice, big breakfast sounds like something worth leaving my bed.
On the other hand pancakes are always awesome, but a lot of work, so when someone would wake me with ready-made, I wouldn't say no, other times I need a alternative. I found one when I was in Chine. Since the Chinese tried to copy European breakfast for their guests they made crappy bread and... French toast. I was in love.

What we need ( for 1 person):
1 -2 slices of old bread, depending of the size
1 egg
a bit of milk
cinnamon, vanilla
maple syrup
1. Mix the egg and your milk.
2. Add some vanilla and cinnamon to the egg.
3. Lay your bread into the mixture and let it soak from both sides.
4. Fry it in a pan with heated fat.

I serve the ready-made product with maple syrup and fruit salad... nothing of that should be optional, because you miss out on something amazing

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