Friday, 26 October 2012

Let's kill that thing I: Pumpkin Cupcakes

October is nearly over and this does not only mean that autumn is right here but also Halloween is coming up pretty soon. And I am telling you no news when I say: Everyone is posting somehow Halloween themed content, either on their blogs or on youtube.
For a long time I decided to actually not do any post about the whole topic, because I am not the biggest fan of the whole holiday. Especially since I am German and traditionally there are other holidays we got as for example St. Martin on November 11th. But when I bought and actually decided to cook several things out of an pumpkin I decided to share my results... and therefore I proudly present today: Pumpkin Cupcakes. I believe Americans are used to smashed pumpkin in desserts etc. but in Germany I got many weird looks. Nonetheless I am convinced. Try it, they taste amazing.

Since you will not need the whole pumpkin for your cupcakes I made several other things with the leftovers, stay tuned for a post on probably Tuesday... 
I am also admitting that I was inspired by Couch magazine to do this post, since they made pretty similar cupcakes, but I added some adjustments...

What we need for 10 - 12 Cupcakes:
Side note: I advice you to use a butternut pumpkin, they normally taste amazingly sweet and are really easy to deal with.

 Making of the pumpkin mash:
1. Cut your butternut pumpkin into two halves and use a spoon to scoop all seeds and the surrounding flesh out of your pumpkin. You might want to put that stuff aside for roasting your very own pumpkin seeds... See part two for that.
2. Put your two halves into the oven for about 40-50 minutes at 180 ° C until the pumpkin is soft and good to eat.
3. Use again a spoon to remove all the peel... you might even able to remove big parts by simply pulling...
4. Mash your freshly peeled pumpkin with a fork.

Making of the cupcakes:
1. Crack your walnuts and roughly chop them, then put them into your cupcake tray or your silicon moulds.
Next to pictures are mixed up, BUT:
2. After storing your butter outside the fridge for several hours it should be nice and soft. Add your eggs, sugar and salt.
3. Use your mixer to mix it until its all fluffy and nice.
4. Mix your backing soda, the cinnamon and the wheat flour in a separate bowl...
5. and also your pumpkin mash and the milk.
6. While you still mix add your wheat-mix and your pumpkin mix peau-a-peau until it forms a nice sticky dough.
7. Chop your dried apricots and add them to the mixture.
8. After filling your dough into your cupcake moulds pop them into the oven for about 30 minutes at 180° C.
9. Let them cool down a bit, I did not remove the silicon mould because I decided taking them to uni and the pretty loose walnut base wouldn't mix that good.
10. Make an icing of your linking. I mixed a good tablespoon of each quark and cream cheese and added just a bit of honey.
11. Put the icing on your cooled-down cupcakes. I then decided to sprinkle some pumpkin seed and a bit of cinnamon on them and you are ready to eat them.

And these they are, they taste a bit spicy and I believe I have to bake them again this autumn, because they are ideal when you are sick of the 10th pumpkin soup of the season...

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