Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Let's kill that thing II: More alternatives to pumpkin soup

And did you already try out the cupcakes? When you did not do it because you were saying: Sounds good, but no pumpkin weighs only 150 g... what to do with the leftover? - I've got some ideas for you.
So this post simply consists of a collection of different things I did with my pumpkin, bare in mind I am a single student, so it will not work out for a family dinner, but for a nice little something for one to two persons...

Basis for all these recipes/inspirations is my leftover butternut pumpkin, about 700 g were left. As you saw in my cupcake post I put my both halves in the oven until the pumpkin wasn't raw anymore and you could (more or less) easily peel of the skin of it.

Pumpkin mash: Just spice it up!
some ginger
pepper + salt
a bit milk

This made up an really nice and spicy pumpkin mash being a bit more fruity than your usual potato mash... loved it. But since just mash wasn't enough for me I also made some caramelized onion rings.

What we need:
1 onion
sweet, mild vinegar
some oil

Cut your onion into rings and fry it in a pan until they start to get brown. Then you simply add a bit of vinegar and since mine had quite a bit sugar in it (as most of the vinegars do) it had a sour and sweet note afterwards, just the perfect match for the mash.
Lastly I toped my meal of with some tofu sausages, but obviously this can be a meal in itself or you can use it as a side for any meat meal...

Roasted pumpkin seeds
I always regretted throwing away all the seeds inside a pumpkin and I do believe anyone who ate roasted pumpkin seed once in their lives do too. So I simply decided to try roasting them in a pan. And let's just say: It turned out pretty good. After taking them out of the pumpkin you should clean your seeds pretty well, so there is no orange stuff hanging on them. Then you put them in a pan and leave them in there for quite a while, 10 - 15 minutes I would say, and simply stir trough them from time to time, so they won't burn. When they start to turn brown you simply add any flavor you want. I decided on curry and chili.
Make sure you eat them fast, because they will stay that tasty for about 1 to 2 days.

Pumpkin + Feta sandwich
What we need:
bread (coincidentally mine was with pumpkin seeds)
crem cheese
salt + pepper

My roommate looked at me like I was a weirdo when I mentioned this idea, but I remember eating a similar sandwich at a school trip to England.
Luckily when peeling my pumpkin I was able to get quite a big chunk out of it. So I cut it into thin slices and putting this onto a mixture of feta and cream cheese. After adding some salt and pepper you are good to enjoy the perfect sandwich. Buying lunch at uni was never less appealing.

I would say, mission accomplished. We successfully used up a whole pumpkin without making soup.. even though I am right now quite in the need for one, autumn downside number 1 hit me: I got a cold.

Stay healthy!

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