Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Quick update: Brigitte Shooting

How many of you remember that post from the early beginning of July? Not many I guess, but I wanted to give you just a little update. Back then I wrote about the amazing opportunity I had, that included being on a photo-shoot in Hamburg to be featured in the German Women's magazine Brigitte and on their website. Ringing any bells? *klick*
Nevertheless, even though the appearance itself got canceled the pictures arrived at my old home in Cologne and everything produced on this day can be found in the word wide web.
To put it in a nutshell: Here are all the links to all the images. And since I am not that sure about the whole copyright situation, a post without pictures.

These are the pictures that were supposed to appear in the magazine itself, but due to changes in management, it got cancelled. But since there are actually some international readers, this way you can see it...

I made my next appearance at the "Schuh Ampel" meaning something like shoe traffic light, being a check, whether outfit and shoes do or do not work out together.

Lastly the lovely ladies of StyleNotes featured us blogger on their blog, the fashion blog of Brigitte, so for all you German readers this is maybe interesting, especially my amazing fox drawing skills. Aye?

That's it, I am off studying... see you all on Friday

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  1. I love the photos, Esther:) they should've appeared in "brigitte"!:)