Tuesday, 9 October 2012

September favorites + new hair

I've been quite a bit inactive, but hey: Moving and starting uni was quite exciting and I'm still in the middle of it in the moment by just having my very first days. Nevertheless I wanted to give you not only an update on quite an drastic change regarding my hair and my current favorites.

To start of the latter: My favorites can be put all under one headline. Thank you Mum. Concerning many of my vintage pieces my Mum has always been one of the best sources because she is as bad as me in giving away old clothes. Lucky me can find quite a lot of nice 70s pieces next to newer additions. And from time to time I am able to inherit some really amazing pieces. I believe with the fact in mind of me moving out the end of the month my mother was just too good about handing me some of her treasures. And due to knowing that she does not wear them anymore I was really happy to take them.
But my Mum did not only support my move clothe-wise, but also by getting me the coolest map ever in form of a Moleskine for Hamburg, hunting it down in a little bookshop in Vienna since printing this edition got discontinued.... So thank you dear, dear Mum.

1. Blue shirt with perlescent buttons Since I couldn't find the perfect jeans shirt this summer this one replaced it, so I could stop searching even though this one is quite a bit smarter than your over-sized jeans shirt. And it fits really good.

2. Paisley / Mandela print scarf // 3. Checkered wool scarf These two bad boys are huge square scarves I prefer to wear folded like a huge triangle over shirts and jackets. The wool one does even add quite an amount of warmth, so they are pretty handy hand bag staples.
4. Paisley + something vest It's hard to describe the pattern of this one, it looks kind of oriental or Indian. However this vest adds a nice twist to many outfits but does fit surprisingly good so I do not look like a child that raided its father's wardrobe.
5. Black (old school) riding pant inspired pants By talking of a riding pant I am not talking of these tight and skinny tight look alikes from American Apparel, but of a nice pair of high waisted pants which have a wider leg with a tighter seam at the ends. It is also decorated with really nice leather covered buttons, so even though I am normally the skinny jeans girl I love this pair.
6. Grey/green checkered pants Even more surprising is this pair, because the legs are even wider, on the other hand these ones fit amazingly around the waist and do emphasize your bottom in a positive way. Combined with the right additions you look like Sherlock Holmes cooler sister. Not the worst look.
7. Moleskine City Hamburg notebook There you have my beloved Moleskine. It allows me to discover my new city without looking like a complete tourist. And yes this is needed, because I am not really interested in owning a smart phone. So owning a map is necessary

PS: Not on this picture is the huge amount of food my Mum put into my cupboard so grocery shopping is not really needed during the first five months... 

I promised you also an update on another topic, my hair. After enduring a kind of bob cut for about an year, I got tired of it. Not so much on the look side but especially because I am not actually used to having long hair. I never got past my shoulders, so getting my hair short again was not the most surprising thing. With my new look I opted for the whole Garcon cut, the thing Twiggy pulled of in the 60s but with a modern twist, also thanks to my not completely long enough bangs.


I have to admit. both picture series did not have the perfect lighting (etc) + my hair in the first one needed a cut quite badly, but I love the new hair. Especially since it is wind proof. And I am aware of the fact, that it does not really look like Twiggy at all in the end, but phewww.

Hope you all are fine and you do approve this update

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